GHOSTFIRE – The Last Steampunk Waltz

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 21 comments

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  1. Holy shit you know what a harpsichord is! I freaking love you!

  2. Amazing

  3. Wow, this steampunk stuff aint too shabby. Ace harpsi sound from the organ and a cool vid too.

  4. Csodálatos, gyönyörű! :) Wonderful!

  5. Welcome! :)

  6. Very very fine Bass playing

  7. I love everything Steampunk! And Gothic! Steampunk Goth! ^-^

  8. First time I’ve heard this band….we just met the drummer yesterday….LOVE IT!!!! :)

  9. Love!!!

  10. one of my top favorite steampunk songs.

  11. This is pretty freakin cool! Well done guys

  12. Nothing so romantic I’m afraid. It’s a Nord C1 organ playing at the start. It has a pre-set for harpsichord and that’s what it’s emulating here.

  13. I think it’s a Cembalo or a smaller version of this called Spinett…

  14. I’m addicted to this song. It’s like beautiful, symphonic cocaine.

  15. Same here man I just typed it in one day and instantly hooked.

  16. That harpsichord sound <3

  17. This band is pretty awesome

  18. This song[and band ] is one of the top 5 defining examples of steam-punk music. in my humble opinion. when i hear their music this song in particular i think Jules Verne.

  19. he should use one.

  20. a harpischord im pretty sure it is at least……

  21. Lolololololololol.

    Except Voltaire is totally different and way better (not to insult these guys).