G45 Steampunk Altered Box

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G45 Steampunk Altered Box

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful!!

  2. Very cool :-) . I went to your blogspot and love the things I saw there. I watched most of a video. Thanks for sharing. peace

  3. lolol, thanks so much for the sweet comment! Much Love!

  4. Thank so much for the wonderfully sweet comment Katsy! :) I hope you had success with the light molding paste! Much Love

  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I’ve tried getting that look with my first thing of gesso that I had got a while back, but the gesso wasn’t very thick. I need to know what exactly to buy so I don’t waste any more money lol. Can you tell me the name and brand of paste to use pls??I just love the projects you do…a true artist!!

  6. Very cool altered box, thanks for sharing.l

  7. Very nice! I wish I could rent you for one day come to my house and craft with you… I love your work:)

  8. Thanks Ar! It was so good to create something “scrapbooky” again! We had a wonderful time…. I must convince everyone to visit Cali next eh?  ;)
    Much Love xo

  9. Thanks so much! My first in a LONG time!  ;)
    Much Love

  10. Thank you so much Friday for the comment Friday! I tried to put it “out there” to where I was going, but I know I can’t reach everyone. I had no clue you were even in VA lol, I would have LOVED to meet you!
    Much Love!

  11. Thanks so much Carol Anne! :)

  12. Thanks so much Jen! :) Feels so good to go back to a more “scrapbooking” type project.
    Much Love

  13. love it…cA

  14. Awesome box, Paula. I was just there at that Stamp store in VA…. I wish I knew you were going there. lol… TFS… Hugs, Friday