G45 Steampunk Altered Box & Mini album

Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Videos | 25 comments

Hi this is a button box I have altered and made a mini. I noticed I didn’t say thanks to Cindy for the ribbon and I don’t know how to edit yet so let me say “Thanks Cindy!” Thanks for watching and if interested in a box private message me or go to my etsy or facebook etsy www.etsy.com facebook is www.facebook.com
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  1. hey pam :) i have a friend who is a retailer and i think she’ll be interested in it. can you please msg me the info? thanks :)

  2. Hi thanks for your comments, the company I bought these from is only wholesale and has a min. order of 100 boxes. if you are a retailer I can send you info. Thanks again

  3. love your box and mini :) can you tell me what is the website where you purchase the boxes? i would love to get me some. thanks :)

  4. thanks so much for the comments and watching my video!

  5. I love all of the detail. It all goes together beautifully. A mini in a mini in a box- wow!!

  6. Thanks so much for watching my video and sweet comment. I must get busy and do more I love watching all the videos and getting to know everyone. Thanks for sending me your info too.

  7. Hi Pam your box and mini are gorgeous. please go to my blog to get my etsy shop becuase YT does not let me post link here…. marticadesigns.blogspot.com

  8. Hi Pam your box and mini are gorgeous. please go to my blog to get my etsy shop becuase YT does not let me post link here….

  9. thanks so much, hoping to get more videos up soon. Love your videos.

  10. thanks so much. Love G45 papers and working aon a few projects now so hope to do more videos by the weekend.

  11. beautiful box and mini

  12. Thanks so much for watching! I appreciate the comments so much!

  13. Thanks so much! I have been watching your videos and love the flowers so cute!

  14. I looove the glitter of the hot air balloons they are gorgeous What a fantastic mini

  15. thank you so much!

  16. Hi thanks for the interest I updated the link you can click on it now and it will take you to the etsy listing. 

  17. the link that you gave for etsy says that there is a error and i tried to locate on etsy.com and it would not find you…are you out of the boxes?

  18. Wonderful job on the box and mini, beautifully done. Patti

  19. Your box and mini is beautiful!

  20. Oh yes please, let me have their details when you can and thank you very very much! :) Hugs from me lol

  21. Thanks for watching and your kind words!

  22. Thanks so much! yes I can get pretty “obsessed” over things I want to scrap lol

  23. the boxes came from a wholesale company that makes special orders with a min. of 100 boxes but they had 30 that were “mistakes” that they offered to sell me only if I bought them all. If you are interested in 100 then i will send you their address. Thanks for watching and your nice comment.

  24. wow this is just so gorgeous!!! i love those tfs

  25. Beautiful box, love it! Can you give the address where you found them please? tfs