“Flying Saucer” Steampunk triple ltd engine

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“Flying Saucer” Steampunk triple ltd engine

‘The Flying Saucer’ This is a combination of three LTD (Low Temperature Difference )Ringbom engines, consisting of 3 cylinders,3 displacers and 3 power cylinders . The engine works in accordance with the Ringbom system (the power pistons of power cylinders drive the oscillation of the displacers). The heat source of three 20 W halogen lamps above the heat plates expands the air in the displacers cylinders. It appears that it is very important for a Ringbom engine that the power piston and the displacer are shifted at a relative angle between 70° and 90°. I used three engines to show how a radial motor works. This engine is named ‘The Flying Saucer’ Year of creation : 2008 Materials : Brass,Bronze, Stainless Steel and Plexiglas Dimensions: length : 30cm / width : 20cm / height : 36cm Weight : 8 kg



  1. lovely music, shame that the wonderfull yet quiet sound of the engine sometime came too mutch in the foreground……

  2. Excellent engineering..

  3. awsome

  4. Nope! Its powered by those three candles at the bottom. 

  5. where’s the flux capacitor ?

  6. Omg that is soo awesome!

  7. Actually that’s the name of the composor. However, I have looked all over the internet and have yet to find any of their music.

  8. is there a battery inside?

  9. They had Stirling engines in the Victorian era.

  10. Simply beautiful

  11. Truely beautiful

  12. Cool, nice work. I never even heard of steam punk until about a year ago. After I am finished my giant killer robot. It would be neat to build a steam punk robot. We’ll see. Check my vids for my robot

  13. where do u get ur parts?


  15. u mean the flux capacitator

  16. H.G. Wells just called he said he wants the spinny thing off the time machine back!