Fitting A Leather Corset Properly

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Article by Jan Gerrior

Fitting A Leather Corset Properly – Other

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A beautifully made leather corset can be very attractive and inspire much attention. Choosing one that fits properly is very important since one that is not comfortable can cause some pain and will vanish to the back of the closet, never to be seen again. One common mistake that is often made by customers buying a new one is that the difference the lacing will make to measurements since it will be tighter than they expect.

One of the construction elements to check for is the kind of boning used to create the shape. Plastic boning tape, often found in most fabric stores, is not designed for the sheer amount of wear and tear that steel boning can take. Flat steel, or sprung boning will keep it\’s shape much more easily. Some corsets have a heavy duty busk at the front opening, with steel hooks and eyes in it, whereas others will have heavy duty zips.

Single layer bodices may not have enough strength to hold their shape and may stretch. Fabric is something else that should be taken into account when choosing a garment. The best fabrics are coutil and canvas since they are strong. Coutil is, in fact, specially made for corsets. PVC and Rubber do not use much boning since they are stretchy enough by themselves. Leather is useful in that it is quite strong and will be able to be laced tightly in order to maintain the distinctive outline.

Measuring properly is terribly important. Keep the tape flat and at the right point on the body. Ones bra size is not the proper measurement for the bust. This should be taken at the fullest part of the breast line. Although more recently, pants and jeans have been worn lower on the hips, this is not where the proper waistline is found. That measurement should be taken at the belly button. Once they have been noted, take a couple of inches off the whole. This will take into account the difference the lacing will make.

When the corset is put on for the first time, it should not be able to meet at the openings. If it does, then it is too big and will not be able to underpin the body properly. At the very least, a four inch gap is acceptable at the back. Even wider is perfectly fine and is not an indication that the bodice is too small. When lacing be careful to pull steadily and firmly outwards instead of upwards. This puts a stop to the garment from shifting and needing to be adjusted constantly to be comfortable.

Corsets have become more fashionable over the last few years, especially in the nightclub scene. As a result there are a lot of very inexpensive versions available, in all kinds of different fabrics. Remembering to take proper measurements will make certain that money is not wasted on a corset that does not get worn.

An awe inspiring sight is that of a woman striding through the crowds of a nightclub wearing a perfectly fitted corset. In some of the subcultures of society it can also be a clue as to where that woman is in the hierarchy. In the BDSM world, someone wearing an underbust corset is most often a submissive, since it exposes her vulnerable breasts while one with a higher neckline is normally worn by a Mistress or Dominatrix.

Corsets are versatile garments to have as an accessory in the wardrobe. Worn over a smart blouse and skirt one can be very chic. Steampunk afficionados may add a Victorian skirt and heavy boots to complete their ensemble. All in all, a leather corset is a good multipurpose item to have.

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Jan Gerrior

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