First Class – Part 1

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 20 comments

Follows the journey of a robot built to deliver. In this first half he has his arm ripped off by a train and is ‘taught’ some manners by an attention seeking droid. The film continues with his adventure never failing to cause him some grief, it’s a good thing he’s built to take a beatin’. Production: My camcorder claimed to have dew on so I finished the film with my camera (which does not possess manual focus – oh heavens). This camera was sturdy but would have to be focused each frame by using my hand as the main focus when a character was not central to the shot.



  1. OMG I WISH I COULD DO THIS STUFF :( i’m horrible in stop motion could i have any tips


  3. awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great!

  5. Best Films Ever!

  6. Thank you good sir, that’s exactly what I was aiming for

  7. i farted when the train hit the delivery robot D8

  8. This video is first class! Get it? Like it’s really good.

  9. Man, this was really really reaaalllyy good :P .

  10. thats a good stopmotion

  11. You deserve way more views. It’s not fair that ok stopmotion artists like pizzamovies get more views than awesome stopmotion artists like you.

  12. You should enter my contest you surely could win!


  14. one of my favourite brickfilms

  15. or is it scribblenuats?

  16. Love the paper mario music!

  17. I loved the drawings at the end too.

  18. This one took you a while to make but it was worth it! Its your best one yet! Well Done =D

  19. That was the best stop motion movie I have ever seen! Great animation, storyline, camera actions, and this list can go on and on! I am subscribing!

  20. what an awesome movie! Great stop motion. It’s nice to see things like this when you have people like Spugesdu who do god-awful stop motion and rely on special effects. This is far better