firefox 3, nude remix, steampunk art, why tuesday

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firefox 3, nude remix, steampunk art, why tuesday

Get the BRAND NEW EPIC FU T-SHIRT!: Super Special Show Notes & Video Extras MIX with the EPIC FU community Stuff that didn’t make the show Live Instant Updates Live Zadi Updates: Live Steve Update: Live Rick Updates: DESCRIPTION: This week we’re freaking in love with Firefox 3′s RC2 release, we look at a super-simple event RSVP tool, and show some amazing and spooky steam punk art. This week’s FU is served by Jacob Soboroff of Why Tuesday?, an organization dedicated to election reform. SHOW NOTES: We’ve also got YouTube’s new annotation feature, a look at Adobe’s free web-based mini-Photoshop, and a crazy geeked-out spotlight video remixing Radiohead’s “Nude” from In Rainbows. The FU is strong! FU OF THE WEEK: Jacob Soboroff of Why Tuesday? check the EPIC FU blog for more info about how you can get involved. EPIC SPOTLIGHT: Nude Remix by James Houston ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Anton R. Miriello, the founder of The Secret Society of Odd Acquisition SHOW LINKS: Spread Firefox 3 YouTube’s new annotation feature Mobaganda Photoshop Express http CREDITS VIDEO:

Steampunk Art Journal out of an Amazon Bookpackaging.wmv

This is the 2nd bookpackaging from amazon i worked with. This journal is for a swap i did with Sarah in germany. She likes the grungy look and i hope i did it well.
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  1. this was uploaded on my bday!

  2. I just uploaded some sexy videos of myself from my webcam;)

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    go to this site for download newest firefox edition with %50 faster!

  4. I got it, thanks for responding. Well I can see the reason now, if this is true, but that shit gives me headaches and it made me not want to watch the show anymore.

  5. what was that web site???

  6. wtf is up with your embeds in the music videos? like this one at 3:19-3:20.

  7. elo same.

  8. hahaha i’m using firefox 3 to watch this!

  9. That was meant as a reply to Dotseoem 2 or 3 pages bad.

    The Fake Reply Button Strikes AGAIN!

  10. Growing meaning the show was picked up by Revision3, now has paid support (xbox, carmax, godaddy, even a bad rambo movie) and had a deep focused name change from JetSetShow to Epic Fu.

    I’d glad you’ve been a fan forever. I wouldnt mind if this show on tv, but I think its more special on the web. IMHO.

  11. so nice to BE back! :D

  12. So nice to see you back!

  13. the umm the sound..
    you could fix it right?

  14. Happy that you like it..and found me that way, too (:o) xoxo Elly

  15. Elly that is fantastic. Found this googling for something else, lol. WTG girl.
    Oh, it’s Lorraine btw. :o )

  16. Thanks for your nice comment. Ideas are coming while your playing with that awesome paperline. Greets and thanks for watching (:o) Elly

  17. Wow this is really cool!!!

  18. Das ist ja sehr gelungen! Ich frage mich, woher nimmst Du bloß die Zeit dafür? :)
    Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf eine Geburtstagskarte von Dir. hihi

    Liebe Grüße, Gisela

  19. The cover is not a secret. I glued the paper with mod podge on and sealed it with mod podge. For a nice corner use matt accent. Then distress all the edges with Tim Holtz distress ink. I used black. There are tutorials here on Yt . Let me know if you want to know more, then i give you the link. Thanks for your nice words and comment. Elly

  20. love the art journal is very original, please make a video tutorial on how you alter the cover. LOVE THE DOLL……god bless you

  21. OMG…i’m watching you (:o)) Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment. I really, really appreciate it. Greets Elly

  22. Thank you sooo much. I never expected so many kind comments.Hugs Elly

  23. Very nice! This is deadly since I work in a box factory that makes the amazon boxes heh Much Love

  24. It’s all fabulous and I especially love the art doll. Excellent !!

  25. You know…..girls love dolls (:o) Thanks for stopping by. Greets Elly

  26. Thanks for watching me and and your nice comment. I really appreciate it. You make my day!! (:o)) Hugs Elly

  27. OMG!! I love it love it love it!! That ‘s how to think outside the box! LOL
    I love your tags!!
    I love the stamps you used and I love the paper doll!!!

  28. LOVED THE DOLL!!!!!

  29. Thank you for taking time to watching me and of course the nice comment. Greets Elly (:o)

  30. Oh yes, try it and let me know. Thanks for your nice comment. Elly (:o)

  31. Thanks for your nice comment and stopping by. Elly (:o)

  32. Love it. FAB art doll. Good music, too. TFS.–Lela

  33. Love this! I am going to give this one a try.