Final Fantasy Steampunk

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Final Fantasy Steampunk

Music- “Airship Pirates”- Abney PArk Clips from Final Fantasy 9




  2. I think is a Mistpunk. lol

  3. haha @ 0:57 im like ohmigod thats a beautiful airship! … and its on fire :/ NOOOO!! D:

  4. look into Cruxshadows. they are one of the most underrated bands i know. and i think they will suit the music you are looking for :)

  5. NIN isn’t “Goth.” Think more Switchblade Sympathy, the Cure, and Baudaas. Now, I’m not saying NIN is a bad band, but they arn’t Goth, as in the Goth style.

  6. Fuck. now i have to clock ffIX again =/

  7. Abney Park Airship Pirates <3

  8. This is pretty kool! i love this game and he song fits very well!

  9. Oops I meant Final Fantasy VI. Final Fantasy VI was the MOST steampunk of them all. It was the only FF that had the Victorian style environment and involved technology that used steam and gunpowder. It was also the only one set in a Industrial Age timeline as well. That’s why it’s my favorite.

  10. Do you mean the first one? Haven’t played it but VII also had victorian style environments, steam locomotives and gunpowder. It was more 20th century overall. I’d say that the first 9 all had steampunk elements. Then X went futuristic and XIII vs. appears to be coming back to a relatable setting with vehicles, roads, realistic attire and a gas station, but sadly appears more fantasy than sci-fi with crystals and floating around.

  11. Love it so I am going to build my own Airship in the real world in Automata ,
    Thankyou for some great Ideas

  12. Love it so I am building the idea in the real world.
    Well a airship of sorts…Automata

  13. Yes. Look at their keyboardist. Riku looks just like her. I bet the creators saw her/the band when they were making Riku/FF10.

  14. Final Fantasy was the most Steampunk of all of them. I think that’s why it’s my favorite. It was the only FF that had the Victorian style environment and involved technology that used steam and gunpowder.

  15. This one is going in my favorites!

  16. amazing song and i love ff9, vivi is such a legend as is zidane

  17. Oh hellz yeah.

  18. awsome vid
    dont think it would go that fast cuz of drag
    still cool though

  19. Final Fantasy does have alot of Steam Punk elements it was one of the things that made me start playing the games

  20. Too bad Final Fantasy 6 wasn’t fully in 3D… That would’ve made a better steampunk video lol

  21. I think the Al Bhed from FFX were pretty steampunk too. But this works more with the airship theme I guess. :D Good video.

  22. I will, once my editing software is working again and my exams are over,

    Im thinking using VNV nation or apotygma berserk

    orrrrr…. gothier music, like NIN or even gary numan