Fashion for Those Who Dares To Be Different

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Article by Steve

Fashion for Those Who Dares To Be Different – Shopping – Clothing

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How does it feel to recollect the genteel women of the 19th century who preferred wearing delicately tailored lace camisoles, bloomers, blouses, bustle skirts and in low neck-lined elegant ball gown? Victorian era dresses were weaved in rich and bright velvets, elegant satins, taffetas and cotton perfectly trimmed and teamed with tender laces, ruffles and beaded bodice. While you day dream recollecting the elegance of the Victorian clothing, just try and be a little fashion forward and try the 1980s steampunk fashion.

Genteel fashion is for those who are romantic at heart and love to experiment with dresses may choose the Victorian era dresses and surprise everyone in this festive time. Steampunk fashion is a concoction of antiques and fresh technology. It involves the power of steam and the color of hope, a blend of fiction and fantasy that should be perfectly incorporated in your dressing.

Steampunk fashion for Women

Introduce lace in your clothes to give that elegant touch. Bell shaped skirt, corset, very low neck lined evening gown, off shoulder dresses with shawls and open-length gloves dominated the era of man and machine.

Now, for the Victorian impression, do not forget your Victorian corset, femininity is essential and corsets help in getting it right. For enhancing purpose, wide belts or a waist cincher may also be used on dresses. Few men’s clothing’s like military jacket, pants cannot be ruled out. To show the break free spirit of the era these combinations does work wonder. Wear a skirt over the pants and add a dash of sporty touch to your classic beauty. The dresses are comfortable and easy to wear, adventurous in look and lasts long due to the new age fabrics like leather and rubber.

Accessories like elaborate hats, handbags or dainty pouch bags with intricate embroidery or elaborately beaded work, may be teamed with such gowns and dresses.

Steampunk fashion for Men

Steampunk means a blend of Victorian aesthetics with science fiction or looking at life through technical revolution. Hence the machines had a major role to play. The influence of British colonies encouraged a new type of clothing, which was mainly controlled by man and his exploring powers, his inventions like steam engine, machines and rubber. Visually, the dark brown colored dominated as it is thought to help in diluting the soot from coals. A blend of ruggedness and elegance could be blended in the style. Use rubber for gumboots and mackintosh. Choose bright colors as the era was dominated by animal and vegetable dyes and prominent prints.

Do not forget the top hat, belts and goggles. The Victorian man was a seeker, an adventurer, an explorer and believed in future. He was optimistic. It was a time of experimentation, industrialization and adventure. You may therefore try and incorporate the look of a “fearless explorer” or an “avid aviator”. Mingle style, romance, color and machines in your dressing to become the perfect steampunk in this festive time.

About the Author

So now you know all about Victorian era dresses and steampunk clothing you may adopt to incorporate the style of the yesteryears with the current fashion. Try and blend them as aesthetically as possible and make it funky by adding a dash of sci fi touch in it.

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