Fangoria 2010 – Machine – Engineers’ View

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Fangoria 2010 – Machine – Engineers’ View

Behind the scenes of ‘Machine’, a steam punk horror show we built and performed in our garage. more stuff from us here: This is in no way related to the magazine ‘Fangoria’ (which we grew up reading), we just named our show after it years ago and it stuck.
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  1. Guys, wow. Just wow! I really hope you guys continue this and make it bigger and better! It inspires and intrigues me to see what I can do this halloween with my own home haunt haha. Subbed, liked, and fav’d, you guys are awesome!

  2. Where is this and how much? This is amazing!

  3. This is FANTASTIC great job.

  4. From this angle, everything seems like such simple tricks but it’s all done with virtuoso skill. “Old Skool” Technical Theatre at its best. I’m loving this. 8-D

    Liked, Subbed and will probably LJ embed so others can find it.

    Beautifully done.

  5. I subbed….this is genius…

  6. Props for the BttF license tag.

  7. Fun. Very clever. Nice staging.

  8. very impressive, just dont know why you did it all in one take like that! whoa. killer stuff

  9. un….belivible….O_O

  10. I watched the whole of the main video with my jaw wide open. Amazing stuff. Thanks for the behind the scenes vid!

  11. Pretty Epic. You should take a show like this ont he road. It would have been an insane smash hit for something like Dragon*con.

  12. Really great, interesting to see how it was all done. How long did this take to set up and perform?

  13. I’m just about to go to Uni doing English and Drama, and in my Drama course I want to do a lot of directing live stage performances, so this was very interesting for me to watch. Brilliant ideas of using a limited space, and clever sound effects. The chain-drop light smash is inspired, I may have to steal that one ^_^

  14. Wow! This is amazing, what a great job you guys have done!

  15. I have to ask, did anyone think to grab the pistols on the wall there when they landed in 1944 or 1888?

  16. Epic!

  17. sorry no, then it wouldn’t be so special any more. We kind of tweaked and improvised it for each double rider.

  18. I’m curious about the “special edition” for double riders! will you be doing a video on that???

  19. Amazing!

  20. Most impressive.
    Considering the simplicity of some of the sets (such as jurassic and or underwater), the possibilities are just about endless for how random the ‘trip’ could be. Absolutely genius guys, bravo.
    Try a pitch black interior with something freaky peering in the porthole. “I don’t know where you are now!!!” :)

  21. Haha!!! 4:56 Wo ist das Bahnhoff. You guys are the best!!!!

  22. That looks awesome! Are you taking bookings? :-)