(Fake) Leviathan movie trailer

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(Fake) Leviathan movie trailer

Based on the steampunk series by Scott Westerfeld. – The music is called Apocolyptic by Two Steps from Hell. – A movie poster I made just for fun: jarredspekter.deviantart.com – Leviathan is the first of a trilogy exploring an alternate history of World War one in which both sides of the conflict subscribed to either better living and warfare through machines (Clankers) or genetically engineered multi-purpose animals (Darwinists). In the midst of this conflict the son of an assassinated archduke escapes onboard a massive walking war machine and a young girl impersonates a man to enter the British Air-force onboard a living airship called The Leviathan. These two unlikelies with two differing philosophies will find their paths crossing, and a secret one of them holds could shift the balance of the brewing war.

Port Babbage is an area of New Babbage, a Steampunk community in the Virtual World of Second Life (www.secondlife.com). The setting reminds the photographer of this film, Second Life’s Eddi Haskell, of how a British City would have looked in 1887, at the time of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, if Charles Babbage’s computer were actually built in 1831. Advances such as electrical power and manned flying machines would have certainly arrived earlier. But coal-based pollution would have tinged the sky a foggy green, ,and required light during daytime hours, just as it did in industrial cities in 1871. This video is set to the National Hymn of England, Sir William Parry’s Jerusalem.



  1. QUICK POLL Leviathan vs hunger games

  2. this is the best fake trailer ive seen

  3. Actually no!
    That’s from a Russian movie called The Inhabited Island :)

  4. 0:55 mass effect clip.

  5. This TOTALLY needs to be a movie.

  6. I wish so hard that this could be real…

  7. Hey, its really good!

  8. Thumbs up if you came here from the westerforum

  9. I wish they would make a film trilogy based on Harry Turtledove’s books American Front, A Walk in Hell and Breakthroughs.

  10. the trilogy is barking great i hope this does become a movie coz if it does well bye bye harry potter and hunger games leviathan will always be my fav no matter what

  11. Check the description :)

  12. whts the song called?

  13. The leviathan trilogy is barking awesome! I strongly recommend the series to all; it’s worth every bit of your time.

  14. :0 i can totally see jamie bell as alek -3 :D 

  15. i wish that some hollywood jackass would recongnize this book series that could probably rival twighlight and the hunger games in the box office (seperately of corse)

  16. Oh My Frickin’ God! If that was a real movie trailer (which I know it wasn’t) I would run to the movie theater in 5 minutes! Such good editing

  17. love the series! make the movie they must, yes.

  18. there is also like 0.5 seconds of star wars episode 1 the phanom menace in there
    (the naboo starfighter pilot)

  19. Excellently made!


  21. heyyy, I been there.

  22. yes, i suppose we did! ..but it is so lovely that as a visitor you picked up that dream immediately and so deftly revealed it for those who cannot or have not traveled in world to see it in person (or avatar! LOL) you are always welcome to my factory, park or the Dewi Sant United Welsh Church( & hidden crypt!) also to be found in New Babbage! indeed i would be honored to give you and your partner a guided tour!

  23. quite the contrary, I think YOU guys got the idea to make this look like a British city at the time of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee! I just made the video and thank you for the opportunity of letting me do so!

    It reminds not of London, but of how Glasgow or Manchester might have looked if computing
    power were here earlier, and I LOVED the giant valve or vacuum tube!

    The terms “Chariots of
    Fire” inspired me to chose this music for the video.

  24. What a lovely and fitting homage to our town!…but also to the great man Sir Charles Babbage. I also am thrilled that you *got* the idea that New Babbage is the living dream of “what if” and “how a British city might have looked in 1887 if Babbage’s dream was realized” just splendid and inspiring! Thank you!
    Capt. Red Llewellyn
    Llewellyn Industries

  25. Excellent work!! Thank you for sharing this enjoyable tour of Port Babbage.