Fairbanks-Morse 1 1/2 hp dishpan #20

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Got ‘er done,, the fuel tank, yes I done went and got ‘er done, paint and all,, it’s got that Kreem fuel tank liner in ‘er,, three coats rustoleum gloss black over rusty metal primer, remember we had no blueprint, now on to the check valve,, this has been #20 of this get ‘er running series, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on, to be continued,, thanks
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Scrapbook Steampunk Debutante Graphic 45 Paper Bag Album Kit

This is a cute paper bag album kit I made for my Ebay store. I just love these papers and if you have not used them they are amazing.
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  1. Looks good !!

  2. We need a side trip on how to solder up a fine tank like that.

  3. Did you have to paint on the Kreem fuel tank liner through the two openings? Those solder seams are just delightful!

  4. this tank is on opposite side,great job dog,yeah,great job

  5. ,,, thank you,,, shopdogsam

  6. ,,, thanks, shopdogsam

  7. ,,,60-40 solid roll solder,,, brushed on acid flux,,,

  8. Shopdogsam, What type of solder did you use.
    (From sothern Indiana)

  9. You all dune earned a 1+ grade again. Your teacher would be proud! From the south shoure of the Missouri #46