“Eye of the Storm” – by Lovett

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Official video for Lovett’s Eye of the Storm directed by Christopher Alender, from the album, Highway Collection. To view a making-of of the video, click here: www.youtube.com To purchase the song in iTunes, click here: itunes.apple.com Also can buy album at: www.lovettmusic.com For more information go to: www.soapboxfilms.com http

All I can say is: Brilliant! The airship, while making my railroad tracks rather obsolete, is simply full of awesome. And to think its only at alpha, so much potential. Makes me very happy to say that it also plays nice with ChocolateySyrup’s Fancy Pack.
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  1. hipster

  2. If your into comics then check out Lady Mechanika. If anime then Last Exile. For games You could try Guns of Icarus Online but that one is still in beta. But your right not too many steampunk out there. I hear there is steampunk con somewhere.

  3. Watch this while playing ‘Sail’ by AWOLNATION

  4. ..I won’t lie, that was one of the most epic things I’ve seen in a long time.

  5. I want an airship >.<“


  7. Its like a weird variation of F and G# for most of it then it goes to powerchords later in the song. (theirs a couple of different things sprinkeled in but this is what i found in a matter of 2 minutes or so)

  8. can someone please post chords for this?

  9. Too bad there’s so little pure steampunk works…

  10. Tyop, sorry. I mean the SteamPunk thing.

  11. I just reacently got into the thing & I love it, but I woul like to know what happens to that guy in the Vedeo though. -S†€/M Pullk-

  12. I see what you did there. ;)

  13. cerial….really

  14. no, tengo pensamientos acerca de matar a gente.. hacer una matanza o torturarlas pero afortunadamente no estoy tan loco para realizarlo pues asisto a clases de psicología, pero este vídeo me sentí identificado… pues en mi vida solo me encuentro viajando solitariamente.. viviendo cada día como un día mas, nada especial… simplemente viajando asía lo desconocido, y olvidando lo bueno y lo malo…

  15. Such an amazing video.

  16. Hhuahauhhua

  17. Probly the green light in the clouds is some source of fuel for the guy’s airship. Like that bottle of green stuff he threw in the furnace.

  18. …so, your a cerial killer?

  19. I see his compass is pointing west. Perhaps he too is diminished and is joining the elves in their white ships.

  20. Eye lovett too.

  21. Did he die?

  22. And, the most-awesome-video-I’ve-seen-all-year award goes to……this.

  23. concordo plenamente

  24. This video has a strong resemblance to my life … I live each day in complete solitude alone plotting my course .. getting rid of all memories, feelings, emotions, removing any trace of my … this video has great paresido to me because at the end and just arrive at my destination … spite of the storms ..

  25. how do you destroy an airship? they seem to be invulnerable

  26. How do I make MCPatcher work with the airship mod :(

  27. How can i play with the steampunk airship mod on a bukkit server? :)

  28. If you’re using Single Player Commands, try turning “fly” off. If not, good luck cause I have no idea.

  29. i made the steamship like this one, but i cant go downwards, only up, along or any other way like side to side but not downwards. everytime i press left_shift, or L-shift, it just opens the chest on board. plz help meeeeeeee

  30. nice! I’m gonna check it out :D

    that’s also a great site for maps, btw

  31. Nice! I’m gonna check it out :D

  32. Took a bit longer than I thought, but my map is finally up.
    minecraftworldmap(dot)com/users/Pjpuas Well its technically three.
    But the one you asked for is the Steampunk map.

  33. This is flippin amazing

  34. I plan to share my map soon. Well, how soon is really not up to me.
    I have helped beta test a super-duper secret new map generation/sharing site.
    I will post here as soon as the site goes live ;-)

  35. You should totally offer your map for download or at least host multiplayer sessions. I love playing through other people’s creations

  36. This should really be added to the actual game

  37. Sorry to disappoint you, but it is not my texture pack.
    It is just my texture pack of choice for MineCraft.However, the sculptures,
    clocks and such are part of a mod called ‘More Paintings!’ by Traviz.
    Glimmar includes 3 different choices for the paint palate for you to chose from.
    The Airship is a another mod which is called ‘Steampunk Styled Airship’
    by Pchan3.You can find both of those on Minecraft forums .net
    And they all include read me files with the installation instructions.

  38. can u make a tutorial how to build this stuff? i got ur texture pack and its amazing nice work but there are no tutorials on how to make the sculptures giant clocks and hot air baloons! plz make some plz!

  39. OMG!!! The Airship is amazing!!!!

  40. epic airship

  41. I’d post a link for you but this comment box errors out anytime I try to include a link.
    Just google ” minecraft glimmar steampunk.” It should be the first link.
    (Hint: its within the depths of the minecraft forums .net < — no spaces ;-)

  42. There’s actually 2 songs, the first one is “Behold the Machine (Instrumental),” and than
    you hear a short clip of “Curse of Whitechapel (Instrumental).” Both of which are done by Vernian Process.
    They were very gracious to let anyone playing MineCraft ( aimed at the Steampunks) use their music for
    atmosphere while playing MineCraft. In fact, they even let Glimmar post a download link in his opening post for his Steampunk texture pack.