“Eye of the Storm” – Behind-the-Scenes

Posted by on Dec 24, 2012 in Videos | 23 comments

Musical artist Lovett, director Christopher Alender, and producer Kris Eber give an in-depth behind the scenes look at their epic steampunk fantasy “Eye of the Storm”. View the original video at www.youtube.com To purchase the song in iTunes, click here: bit.ly For more information go to: www.soapboxfilms.com http
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  1. Stunning, absolutely stunning. My brother is a digital special effects artist, so I can kind of understand what would go into it. The end result just blows you away, I think that is what he loves most about what he does.

  2. One of my favorite works of art.

  3. Guns of Icarus ;D

  4. this is AMAZING!

  5. Holy crap.
    It wasn’t a gasmask?

  6. Wow. That is amazing.

  7. I love this movie. I find that movies that are of this genre tell stories that are timeless, and great for children and adults. Thanks for the video.

  8. Epic. Amazing work guys. I honestly cant believe it was done in one day of shooting. I cant stop watching the video!!

  9. good now make a movie with it please! lol you can really tell when people put their heart and soul into something, the quality is just amazing the song everything fits together as if it all came out of one instrument, 10 outa 10!

  10. deadly awesome stuff! u guys are my idol now!

  11. Great point! Cheers!

  12. this needs a movie and a game :D

  13. No wonder other 3d users hate lightwave users.
    You do know maya and modo are used a lot in the video? Lol!
    A lot of the good effects were done in post anyway.

  14. LightWave, bitches!!!

    Suck it, Maya!

  15. I’m going to be honest here. Until I saw how it was made this whole time I thought he was wearing a gas mask too. I didn’t realize that it was his beard.

  16. just want to give proper kudos to Lovett – not only for the mind blowing overall vision of the piece, but also for the ACTING involved. It’s not just ‘luck’, you don’t just get up and do something like this. Of course, as the visionary, he knew exactly what he wanted, but his ability to execute the proper emotions with his entire body – you have to give props to that. As much as to the visual effects – because if his performance was crappy, the entire thing would fall apart.

  17. would you guys be willing if it all came up to make a full movie based on this?


  19. what do you know about art…?

  20. I understand that, I was just remarking on how it looks SO amazing and it seems as if it is part of an epic movie. I, perhaps, should have been more clear.

  21. its not an actual movie its just a music video

  22. Finish the movie.

  23. Props if this is the original song that this video came from. I had no idea when I posted about my friend, who I feel did an amazing job. I’ll get the original copy and post, see what you think.