Experimenting with Steampunk

Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in Videos | 25 comments

These are my first attempts at Steampunk. I have just recently got into Steampunk and it’s AWESOME!! I know these pieces may not be great but I’m just experimenting so bear with me. Thanks for Watching!! Enjoy!!

heteluchtmachine stirling motor Engine no 3, ‘Nodding Donkey’ This engine takes the form of an air-cooled nodding donkey, inspired by the Besemstiel Stirling engine of Klaus Koch. The upper part of the pillar attached to the working cylinder is hollow. Instead of using a tube to achieve an air connection between the power piston and the displacer a hole was drilled in the engine plate (cooling plate) (on the lathe in the four-jaw chuck). Together this made the air connection between the working space and the displacer body. In this way I was able to realize a clean design with no tube or hose visible.



  1. Just put some gears on it and call it steampunk, that’s the trendy fashion nowadays.
    Some copper painted chunk of some 1980′s junk will fetch a pretty penny on eBay.

  2. Thanks. 

  3. The goggles are awesome! It’s really cool how most of the parts move. I am still trying to make the parts on my goggles move. The gun is great. Nice name for the ray gun. 8)

  4. Haha, all I did was glue some cool looking stuff to the goggles so it looked a bit functional and then painted it brass and copper.

  5. Dude you NEED to make a how-to video for these goggles- they as AWESOME

  6. dude this rocks

  7.  Haha, thanks.

  8. Those are the coolest steampunk goggles I’ve ever seen!

  9. 20-22nd century technology powered by 19th century means.

  10. A quick question. What sort of glue did you use, and how did you keep it from making a mess? The whole “push it together and it squishes out the sides” thing.

  11. Just misc spray paint.

  12. What type of paint did you use when making these?

  13. The goggles look ace gave me some good ideas for the pair I’m planning on making, keep up the good work

  14. Love the goggles… Good job.

  15. Beautifully executed master craftsmanship.

  16. cool, but what is the point?

  17. reminds me of the oil pumps in so. cal. i like it.

  18. He can easly modify the parts to look more steam, his work is in brass already and a but of mahagoney and such will go very nicley, what he has is more steam punk then the art most steam punks create.

  19. Please do yourself a favor and Google the term “Steampunk”. The term refers to a particular STYLE or look for things and not just Stirling Engines. The Steampunk look can be applied to almost anything. Anyway, please look up the term so you fully understand it. Hopefully it will keep you from making comments like this and sounding like a complete idiot.

  20. You would´nt be any chance have CAD drawings for this… I want one

  21. that refers to the style of engine it is, clown ass.

  22. It’s referring to the style of the engine, just google “Steampunk” and you will find lots of similar material.

  23. There is nothing “punk” about this, and for that matter, there is nothing steam about it either, I really like the motor, you shouldn’t ruin it with stupid words that don’t even remotely apply though.

  24. How much ‘Watt’ can this device generate?

  25. for africa!