Episode 17: Minecraft – Steampunk Airship

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 20 comments

Steampunk Airship Mod- By Pchan3 Download this Mod: bit.ly In this episode I show you guys a mod I really enjoyed and thought, that you might too. It’s a mod where you can build a steapunk airship and fly around your map quite fast. I’ll show you how to do both. Hope you like it and don’t forget to Rate, Comment and Subscribe! :)



  1. Better than the zeppelin mod? :o

  2. how do i give it coal

  3. i just use a piston instead of the furnace
    still cant help!!!!!

  4. Lol ur flying backwards!

  5. The newer mod needs a piston for each engine instead of the furnace!!!
    But how do you make it go up?

  6. Does it work in multiplayer?

  7. @pwna2010 yes this is a mod

  8. how do u fire the arrows?

  9. is this a mod coz i cant do it

  10. i cant make it

  11. why cant i make a engine pls fuckin help


  13. modd

  14. okay so where i download this mod cus link dont work

  15. i cant fly in mine

  16. Hey i had the same problem you have to press e for your inventory, once ur in the sky that becomes ur inventory short cut

  17. Sorry, this still doesn’t work!

  18. you hit left shift to go down and space bar to go up and right shift to put coal in the air ship so if you get in the air ship and hit right shift and put it in

  19. ive downloaded yogbox but this don’t work

  20. Its E to open the airships inventory.