elegant white antique flowers Essie Dive Bar polish: robin moses steampunk nail art tutorial 554

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(found in the flowers playlist) please see my FAQ playlist on youtube front page and the link in the “about me” section for answers to the questions. id love to see if you try these at my fanpage. www.facebook.com robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com twitter.com robinmosesnailart.tumblr.com AND GIRLS WHO ARE NEW TO ME!!!—-BECOME MY FAN HERE (it takes only seconds.it is so important to me) nailartgallery.nailsmag.com
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This Gallery show was held at the MAC650 Art Gallery on MAy 1, 2009 featuring the work of Joey Marsocci, Ahren Gauthier, Allison DeBlasio, James MArsocci, Jess Gauthier, Mark Adams, Noel Ewing-Coonce, and Silas Finch. Hosted by SteamGearLab.com and the Libertine Collective. Most of these items are on sale. please contact SteamGearLab.com for more information. all images are copyright (C) 2009 Steamgearlab.com, Silas Finch, and Noel Ewing-Coonce, and cannot be used without the artists permission
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  1. this is one of my faves of yours :-) Dive Bar is such a great colour!

  2. I love your nail art! It’s gorgeous and awesome :)

  3. Hi, super lovely! I just needed to ask, for drawing the flowers, did you use acrylic paint or nail polish?? Thank you!

  4. u r so ggod a nail art!! Nail Queen!!! i swear u could do it with ur eyes closed ;)

  5. yep..you surely do and i am so so thankful for it, because i crack myself up when i see what i say in editing these videos….im like WTF? but….oh well….by next year i will be a super pro at this :D

  6. lol, while you were looking for the name of the Jessie’s Girl I was like, “Firefly, Firefly, FIREFLY!!!” … these are gorgeous!!
    “I can’t speak and paint…” That’s the truth Robin, but we love you anyway!! <3

  7. lissa! it is awesome to see you :) :) *huge hug* hahahaha snazzzzzay!

  8. I hate when my nails are too snazzy! lol I love you girl!! You crack me up

  9. yes i understand i just wanted to see a video only with the acrylic preparation of the nail not a design!xoxo

  10. it truly is….i am in love with it..i never want to stop using it..LOLOLOL its evil.

  11. thank you carol!!!!

  12. thank you! it is good to see you soapers!

  13. thank you so much :D

  14. it is too hard to do this. to just do the art takes up 18 hours of my day. i do this all alone. i cannot answer all of the acrylic questions that girls have. but there are many girls online that do BEAUTIFUL acrylic tutorials…ladynails, cnd, lots and lots..:)

  15. it is perfect!!Robin i have a request for you.Please make a video on how you put acrylic to your clients nails so you can do the amazing designs later!i would love to see the preparation and i think is basic!please make that video!!!

  16. Love them! : )

  17. i love your designs so much *-*

  18. omg that is GORGEOUS!!!!

  19. I have my first nail appointment today and i think i might paint this on her nails :D

  20. Thanks!! :)

  21. Fabulous. That Essie colour is magnificent.

  22. toona, thank you!!!!

  23. You’re right dude, so much of the art work was hung up with tacks…..Well this years show is going to rock the very expectations of what people think a Steampunk art show is all about :D