Electroswing Speedpaint

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Electroswing Speedpaint *NOTE* Please ignore the text that goes by, it is obviously to fast to read. Sorry about that. I’m so happy to finally be uploading this artwork. Finished it late last week for a talent show at my school. I wasn’t sure if I would upload it to youtube, but I finally decided to. This is one of my favorite of my current pieces and one of my favorite songs. So the artwork was inspired from a mixture of the electroswing music genre as well as from steampunk. Just like the music I wanted to mixed together the old with the new, a rusty robot with a 1920′s style, listening to an old record player. The idea of a rusty robot in general was inspired from the awesome look of steampunk art. It’s my first time attempting anything like this, so I hope you guys like it. -Punnyqurl SONG: Swing Republic feat Bing Crosby – On The Downbeat Deviant Art – xx-eternaldreamer-xx.deviantart.com Tumblr – punlovingartist.tumblr.com


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  1. Nice!