Ein Epicus Incognitus Online 아인

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Ein Epicus Incognitus Online 아인

Ein Epicus Incognitus Online 아인

Re-uploaded for Top 10 Upcoming Games of 2012 steparu.com www.steparu.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5



  1. combat reminds me of vindictus but with better weapons… i like it ! :D wont be seeing this in the west till 2020 D:

  2. 2:24 Vanille? Is that you? xD

  3. It might be a good game but the animations for the cutscenes are horrible.
    They are stuck in the 90s in that area.
    It also seems like their computer that was used to record the footage couldn’t handle the game well as the frame rate seemed pretty low.

    The trailer just makes it seem very bland, they should hire someone to do a better job.

  4. Damn this and Black Desert look crazy good

  5. So true

  6. What mmo studios does UK have? I can only think of Jagex.

  7. damn, i want to play one of these new korean games like archeage, black desert or Epicus Incognitus :O

  8. wish someone can tell me wt’s the song start 0:15

  9. it doesnt look that extremely impressive. a good computer can run this fine. im pretty sure if they pre-rendered it they would have used bigger textures lol

  10. 6:55 fail xD

  11. It is most likely pre-rendered with game engine rather than real-time rendered. The actual in game graphics might not even come close to this.

  12. would you do me the honor of naming one?

  13. uk mmos are shitter, like the shittest shit in the world

  14. should be a console game and offline cuz we need a rpg like this nowadays!


  16. Looks good, and doesn’t have the lolezmode feel to it that every Western game has.

  17. if there is one thing I have learned from Korean MMO’s, it’s that you can easily dip a piece of turd into a bucket of gold paint. It’ll look appealing but, there’s still that really rancid smell underneath it. Oh, you can also buy accessories for it.

  18. too bad korean mmos are absolutely shit

  19. looks p fucking cool

  20. any news for that game ?

  21. love that part 7:17

  22. I mean scizor

  23. Cool pixelated scisor

  24. 1 word…. TEKKIT!!!!!!!!!

  25. ME JONATHAN8998

  26. 12:00 Is the best example of the reason I enjoy this show so much. It is all fantastical, but moments like those just make me laugh hysterically.

  27. 23:50= the BEST survival EVER to be witnessed on Minecraft

  28. I sware im not a greifer plz put me on the whitelist ….. I Will let u kill me more than u kill james. My username is jaywalker97

  29. Butt I do ❤ur◀ (video paused)

  30. I am not gay

  31. Up up up ur butt and round the corner

  32. hey guys can u whitelist me my username is assassin4evr, i luv ur show soooooo much i can’t stop watching it

  33. ookamisieshin: episode 222? how long have i been gone?!!
    lordDreep:its actualy episode 46 :)
    me: i mean wtf this must have been somesort of joke XDDDDDD

  34. Hey guys, like GameFrontDotCom, I make Minecraft videos. I don’t have that big of an audience, at all. And I was hoping you guys could help… If you can check me out that’d be amazing! Thanks :)

  35. James gets new tools never uses them….

  36. You do realize that this is the place you were with zack right?

  37. that made me laugh harder than it should have XD


  39. can i plz be put on the white list i swear on anything you want me to swear on i am not a griefer

  40. 24:45 best part! :D