Eccentric Cubicle Book Reviews

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Wot They’re Sayin’ About Eccentric Cubicle:

Over in Hackensack, The Record seemed impressed, but who’s this Cramer guy they’re on about?

Eccentric Cubicle Book Cover

Eccentric Cubicle by Kaden Harris

Chris Miller at Idonotes was similarly kind, but is overstating the degree of difficulty inherent in the builds; trust me, gang, there are NO mad skillz required to pull off these projects.

Dave Roman from the GCPCUG also weighed in favourably…

When I first opened the book, I had no idea what some of this “stuff” was. I showed to a friend who is a mechanic, a builder, a landscaper and a really good handyman and he was impressed.

Some of the items author Harris is going to teach you how to build are:
An Active Deskchop (Yes, that is spelled correctly!)
Ballistamail (Betcha you don’t know what this is!)
Maple Mike
DeskBeam Bass
The Gysin Device
iBlow USB Bubble Machine
Liquid Light Meets the Disco Skull
Haze-o-Matic 3000
Hammerhead Live Mechanical Percussion Sequencer

The first thing you are going to build is the Active Deskchop which is a personal Guillotine. You can use it for chopping pencils in half or chopping carrots to snack size. Maybe you can even use it for employees or fellow workers who are poking their noses in your business. It’s desktop size and a nice addition to your cubicle. It’s built completely from scrap. The photos are beautiful and the plans are very well detailed….

I won’t tell you what the other weird builds are. If this type of book really appeals to you, then I know you will buy it and build some of this “stuff”. If you do build any or all of these devices, then let the editor of this newsletter know and I will personally interview you and photograph the device(s) for a featured write up in the next issue. Maybe you can even bring the device to the next Pig Sig for the members to play with.

…and I’m getting good ink from the worthies on Amazon too. Susan Prosser in particular made me blush 17 different ways. Well met, Susan…Cheers.

To my absolute joy, Red at The Red Ferret (my fave gadetry site evah!) likes it too!

STOP THE PRESSES!! Can you say New York Post, kids?

What’s not to like about desktop guillotines, crossbows and Projectile Intercubicle Messaging Devices? It’s a highly entertaining gamut of workplace-oriented projects, guaranteed to bring some coolness into any office environment.

Solarobotics was unbelievably kind. Really…

Over at Wired, GeekDad John Baichtal is similarly impressed:

Anyway, as I’ve often said about DIY books, you can have tons of fun simply reading the book. Harris is an engaging and downright funny writer who is constantly including sassy asides, historical trivia, and jokes. For example, on the bubble machine project, he included 6 large grapefruits and a volleyball net into the parts list, just for yucks. A lot of DIY books are dry and to-the-point. Not this one.

Eccentric Cubicle is an educational and entertaining read, whether or not you want a mail-flinging ballista on your desk.

Also at Wired, John Brownlee liked it too.

Any Canadian of a certain age will understand the patriotic welling of pride that I experienced as a result of this long and favourable interview in the venerable Globe and Mail:

It helps to have a few high-school shop credits under your belt before attempting Eccentric Cubicle projects. To build an iBlow USB bubble blower, for instance, one must lathe a tiny acrylic pulley, drill several holes and hook up a simple wiring harness. But Mr. Harris coaches you through every step, and the finished product – which incorporates a computer fan, a drinking straw, several rubber bands and a ballpoint pen – would bring tears of joy to MacGyver’s eyes.