Docktor Bumble Beezer’s Steampunk Fairy House

Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Videos | 1 comment

Docktor Bumble Beezer’s Steampunk Fairy House

Made by Rachel’s Fairy Houses A wonderfully special piece, blending nature and science and magic together!


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  1. it’s VERY pretty, but by the time i actually got to SEE it, i was already sick of this video. i mean, more than half of it is just exposition. i would suggest a re-edit, to mix the words and the beautiful shots. i nearly stoped it several times out of boredom, the only reason i watched the whole thing was because i was determined to actually see the house, & to make watching the video not a waste of time. i think you might get more hits if it’s re-edited to mix words & pix. hope this helps!