DIY Steampunk Hardware Chess Set – Gomi Style TV

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DIY Steampunk Hardware Chess Set – Gomi Style TV

Make a cool, retro, steampunk-inspired chess set from assorted hardware, a found table and some common chemicals. This project is fast, easy and looks great. Visit today for lots of DIY lifestyle and design tips.
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  1. Finally built my own steampunk chess set. Check it out, and thanks for the tutorial!

  2. great GREAT idea! 

  3. Maybe you know, how to make a small white pawn from plastic?

  4. I like it , and what where te dimensions on the table I would love to make one.!!

  5. Sweet !

  6. A-fucking-maizing!!!!

  7. That is so fucking cool
    I’m going to make this for my boyfriend for Christmas. Thank you so much!
    PS: xD I like how that paper you used if a Kroger ad. :D

  8. The patina solution is a mixture of salts and corrosives in a water soulution. It is barely toxic let alone corrosive to the skin. That being said, please read all product labels and use accordingly.

  9. Rad.

  10. My 10 year old stepson is quite the chess prodigy, and he enjoys steampunk This will be a perfect project for us to do together. Fun fun fun!


  11. Beautiful work and very ingenius!

  12. is the patina chemichal corrosive to skin?

  13. cool i am gonna sooo do this!

  14. thats hot…..