DIY Bustle, Apron or Cape, CRAFTOVISION

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 25 comments

CRAFTOVISION with Corinne Leigh This week I get inspired by “old” Hollywood, show you how-to make a versatile burlesque lace bustle and I talk with Whitney Edwards, creator of YouTube channel Whitney Sews. Whitney’s YouTube Channel: Want to be on an episode? Email me! I would love to hear from you. We just started a Craftovision forum! Whoot! Check out the tumblr, it’s pretty… http And if you want, follow the twitters:



  1. Wow that’s beautiful and amazing! I can’t wait to try this when I get a sewing machine! I have the perfect dress needing an apron!

  2. I am so finding more taffeta and making one to match my favourite corset! You have just made my day ~_~

  3. This is freaking fantastic and I can’t wait to try this!

  4. wow….one item- three uses. o.o

  5. I really love this! You’ve made it a lot easier to understand than looking at sewing patterns, so thank you! <3

  6. This is so cool! Love it :D – Totally going to make this!

  7. 3:37 u look awesome!!!

  8. I love this. I must make this apron!!!! with permission of course!

  9. This would work in a steampunk costume. Awesome. Excellent tip from Whitney. I am poised to jump into completing a project but upon hearing her tip of don’t use your good material first, I will just recut some scrap material and finish the little project. Thanks!

  10. Love it wow

  11. Amazing! I would rock this everyday!

  12. inches & yards…have u ever heard of SI ?

  13. super cute!!!!

  14. this can be a robin-hood or re riding hood cape!! c:
    I’m Using this for halloween!

  15. YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I was like HEEEYYYY that’s the girl from TB. SO GLAD you’re back

  16. thx for this easy but great tutorial! always thought it was much more complicated, but actually it is not :)

  17. So happy I found u again

  18. I want a sewing machine….

  19. Nuuuu, you … you were gone!
    And now I’ve found you again Q___Q this makes me so very happy!

  20. :O that’s going to be beautiful! i love steampunk, you should make a video showing it off:)

  21. sssooooo cute! thanks corrine!

  22. Thanks! I’m making my own Steampunk prom dress; this’ll be really helpful!

  23. Thank you so much!!!! I have been trying to figure out gathering for an eternity. Every time I would gather, it just looked like a wrinkled mess.

    p.s. Love the new channel! I have been watching since ThreadBanger.And I love the DIY culture. You guys basically taught me everything I know! Thank you!!!!

  24. Sooo nice! I’m going to make this!!

  25. This was one of the easiest things I’ve made. ^^ Thanks for the tutorial
    The only problem I had was the waist band, that was rather difficult.