Dishonored : w/ zGuillotinez Ep. 2 – Eat Dat Fish!

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Dishonored PC Gameplay, Analysis and First Impressions Review Part 1 In this video I ( CrimsonRayne ) take a look at the much hyped Dishonored, an intriguing mix of swords, weapons and magic – very steam punk. I start at the games beginning, showing off the games graphics options (check out RGT soon for a video showing tweaks to make the game look much better than default!) and then jump straight into the story. It’s not long before I’m set up for murdering the Empress and thrown into jail. In this part sees my escape, while I note the games problems, how well it controls and the issues with the PC version as well as the games strengths such as the story and overall aesthetics.
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  1. Also some friends I know live in the States… I do occasionally miss the odd US release though, depending if they can add the game for me / if I don’t have RDP access to a US web server at the time, although I usually do – i work in IT for a company :)

  2. Have access to a US server, so was able to get hold of it that way. :)