Dishonored – Part 8 – Get Past The Second Wall of Light – (Gameplay and Walkthrough)

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  1. The yellow on people is only shown clearly when they’re behind a wall. If you can directly see them already, they won’t be glowing yellow

  2. omg this gameplay is awesome, u r really funny C: carry on and thanx for these great videos

  3. Thanks Jack! 

  4. You should have more viewers bro! You’re one of the best (if not the best) Let’s Players I’ve ever had the privilege to watch. And you are super funny too! You ought to have more fans.

  5. Im going to go insane and do full stealth runs! 

  6. I hope you enjoy your power

    I have been making a combination of Agility and and Blink, with some slow top, with no killing anyone, only killed two people so far

    Going to go insane the next time i play though and kill everyone

  7. I’m upgrading my blink and that dark vision thing where you see through walls (forgot what it’s called)

  8. mmmm you are not ChristopherOdd…you are Ashton Kutcher…I watch Two and a Half the same voice…..

  9. try throwing grenades to create a distraction

  10. Hey you just earned yourself a subscriber :P btw do you have terraria?

  11. Very cool, thanks man.

  12. Well, there are so similarities between Thief 3 and Dishonored, especially sneaking part. Athough Thief games have much darker atmosphere. The other thing I liked about Thief 3 and this game is that choices you made would have some impact on the outcome, although I believe that Dishonerd is more creative on that point, and I like it :) . Of all thief games I would recommend you try Thief 3. The other Thief games are ok, but they are quite outdated. Good luck playing Dishonored :) .

  13. I`ve never played the thief games, what do you think of them?

  14. This game reminds me very much of Thief 3.

  15. Yea I’ve been catching on to that! Gotta be patient for sure.

  16. Exactly! I get possession but I don’t have enough mana.

  17. or when u use dark vision