Digital Painting Time Lapse – Corel Painter – Solo Dance pt. 1

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Awesome Music is: “café connection” by morgantj is licensed under a Creative Commons license: Artist Brigid Ashwood painting digitally in Corel Painter. Keep in mind this is in the very middle of my painting process – the piece will evolve and change a LOT before I am done. Right now it’s still in the “ugly” stages! Thanks for watching!
Video Rating: 5 / 5 My first attempt at an automaton. The obvious choice for me, being a visual artist who primarily makes Steampunk flavored gear, was to make a Steampunk influenced piece. Its a pretty simple little toy, with two main shafts, one driving the arms and the other drives the “pipes” of the organ. The entire machine is about 20″ tall and the base is 10″x10″. I wanted to give a little tribute to one of the high priests of Steampunk culture, the honorable Hieronymous Isambard “Jake” Von Slatt, who by all accounts is also a seriously decent fellow. Hopefully I will get a chance to meet him at SteamCon II in Seattle. Anyways, here’s the machine. Sorry for the shaking, I had to hold the camera and turn the crank at the same time. Also, the music was added after for dramatic effect, the actual sound of the device is Ca-Lunk EEE Ca-Lunk EEE Ca-Lunk EEE. Thanks for looking! Music in the piece is “Tiny Fugue” from (Kevin Macleod), and is used under CC.



  1. hmmm where is the part 2 ? hehe although this video is been 1 years ~ i hope she doing fine … ^^

  2. thanks but i have question
    how did you get that “brigid brushes” thing out
    (on the bottom left)

  3. I love the eyes!

  4. oh thats creepy

  5. very charming first attempt – thanks for your efforts – give good smile

  6. awesome!!

  7. Thanks so much!

  8. lol I know! Its cuz I was holding the camera with one hand and trying to turn the crank with the other. I’m going to post another video showing the entire mechanism. Possibly later today. Thanks for checking out my work!