Design Team Call Entry for TPBP Oct 2012

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Design Team Call Entry for TPBP Oct 2012

Design Team Call Entry for TPBP Oct 2012

This is my entry for the Oct 2012 design team call by the piece by piece. This is a printer tray that I made for a very special friend using G45 Ladies Diaries paper line and a Michael’s paper mache dressform that I altered in a steampunk fashion.

Fairbanks-Morse 1 1/2 hp dishpan #16

Country boy logic, technical information, blueprints, math, old school lecture,,, first row, third seat in from the walkway,,her hand raised high, I said, yes?, she said, even I could build that little thing a ma jig, and the story goes on,, comments?, leave ‘em if you got ‘em,, Oh!, the project, it’s a 1922? Fairbanks-Morse, type “Z” with dishpan flywheels, hit and miss ignition, battery and buzz coil,,,,, get back dog! get back! (gonna be hot chips), oil up the grizzly lathe (model 9972Z), now let’s get ‘er done, it’s a fuel nozzle for the mixer, this one is with an adjustable needle valve,, leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,, this is #16 of this dishpan get ‘er running series, to be continued,,,, no gas tank!!, no problem, stay tuned,,, shopdogsam
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  1. Very classy projects!

  2. Really pretty Char! Great projects! TFS. Marcy

  3. I too LOVE the Ladies Diary paper!! I wish I could get more. I actually won a big kit from FB from G45 and I love it..I just cant find any stores here to buy it from unless it is ebay. Your work is outstanding! And good luck!! The drawer was gorgeous and that dress die for!! Well done and yes, thank the hubby for filming!! Good job !!!! xo Pam

  4. They are both stunning projects!

  5. Stunning! Absolutely stunning!! TFS & Good luck with the Design Team entry! Furry hugs Myra

  6. Thank you so much for the opportunity Bev!

  7. Thank you Mel!

  8. Thank you so much Nancy!

  9. Hi Linda… thank you so much!

  10. Thanks Rosie! Your so sweet!

  11. Thank you so much Lynn!

  12. Me too! I am going out and about today gonna check… Maybe get lucky! :)

  13. Hi Char! WOW! Your work is so beautiful! I love all the details and I yet have to play with that paper line! Thank you Char!!

  14. Beautiful projects, good luck ~Mel

  15. Beautiful Char! TPBP will be lucky to have you on the team! Good luck! xoxo

  16. Very beautiful! Love it and I love the dress form! Hugs! Linda

  17. You did it again Char! Luv your projects! Good luck on your entry!

  18. I will message you tomorrow! I need one if I can afford it lol!! :) super gorgeous!

  19. Aah jus lurve thah thhrehyed o thaaat therrre aaaccehnt. Nahow aiyyyn’t thaaad Sohmthaaaan’ !!! Aaaa’ll cohme baaaack reehaaal soooooohwn ye hearrrrr ya’ aawahl!!!!

    Maah Aiyyyn’t thaaaad faaaahn!

  20. Hey you would make a good CB radio guy

  21. I’m from Hardy, Arkansas! I was curious how come you eat with chop sticks?

  22. Great videos! Would you consider a series where you rebuild a Briggs and Stratton WM?

  23. ,,, thank you,, shopdogsam

  24. ,,, and you should see the dog that fell out of the hay barn,, I aint never seen that much duck tape,, and all is well,,

  25. ,, from the east coast of Arkansas,, thank you,,

  26. ,,, country style,, she always put’s the sticky side,, inside,,,,,, thanks

  27. ,,, and more stuff,, thanks

  28. sam you know some stuff about stuff. 

  29. I see your mind blue prints.Are like your mind movies. From the south shore of the Missouri The Ole Hippie 10/4 over an under

  30. Did the Duck Tape Girl tape up your finger, your work looks great!

  31. Careful dog, get back! Those tools are sharp!

  32. Pure Genious how you used the lathe to start the tap in the part