Deploy cs 6 Steampunk

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Deploy cs 6 Steampunk

How to Edit the Build.prop File in Android

I am demonstrating how to edit your build.prop file to allow games that claim to be “NOT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR DEVICE” to run with no problems. I am showing the basic steps to change the model/brand of the device. This should work for ALL Android phones, assuming that you are rooted. The app I am using is called ES File Explorer and it is free on the Android Market. There are other build.prop edits that can be made for other purposes, but I recommend doing research before attempting anything other than what I have shown you. Here is a link to the Live Wallpaper that I am running, called “Steampunk Skull Free Wallpaper”: Follow me on Twitter at: and on Facebook at:
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  1. thats fucking awesome

  2. Holy crud… that is cool.

  3. *THROWS MONEY AT SCREEN* Take my money!!!

  4. Why you got green glowing water?

  5. Unfortunately, the deploy is such a such a bad gun, and a pain to put together due to the sliding parts, i’m not going to paint it :S Great job anyways.

  6. I like da green glowing water

  7. hahs

  8. cool man


  10. awesome steampunk-paintjob and I really really like what you did with that phiole of green fluid and the lightning-effect on the back of the deploy, respect for that cool modded blaster :-)

  11. look around junk yards, you find alot of them on bike pumps.

  12. Whats the liquid in the container at the back of the stock?

  13. Nice. Where did you get the gauges?

  14. to much weight in the back

  15. first I was like heh, and the at 0:49 I was like 0.o That’s awesome dude!

  16. i did the exact samething with my samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 gt-p3113
    whhen i did the reboot the screen went blank and now i cant use my device?
    ANY HELP?? :(

  17. warch this much easy /watch?v=X-_NJ2SVyOo&feature=relmfu

  18. kk…thanks

  19. i got iberry AUXUS AX03G Tablet… when i run gameloft games it shows device not compatible… i have tried editing build.prop file but it still shows the same… now what to do? please help

  20. Can i get a little help with this? i have a defy with custom rom (cm10). Tried changing those two lines for Nexus S (samsung) but didn’t do anything. what else can i do?

  21. Hey I found this looking for a way to get google wallet on my VZN galaxy nexus. To get it to work all you have to do is edit where build.prop says toro to toroplus

  22. u should be able to, it might screw up when u try and download apps off the play store, but give it a shot, and dont forget to backup the file just in case…

  23. thanks man ! very useful. but will this affect anything to my tablet ?

    Sorry for my poor English.

  24. i just want my phone to show android version 4.1.1 in about phone. unfortunately there are no roms for my phone. i don’t care for the ics ui and features. i just want to fool some people by showing the android version. can this be done in stock froyo?

  25. yes bro

  26. you cant just change it like that, you actually have to install a custom rom, even if u did, ur phone wont actually be running ics

  27. don’t do it

  28. Hey if I change the build version will it affect my phone

  29. will this confuse apps which check device id?

  30. Ill subscribe to any1 who helps me install screencast