Deep in The Brickworks

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Deep in The Brickworks

Steampunk Jewelry at the Maker Faire – Toronto Brickworks May 8-9 2011 I’ve used some of my Brickwork photos in this video. My steampunk jewelry is made of primarily recycled materials – included in here are: vacuum tubes, gears, clock gears, machine parts, pocket watch faces, vintage brass, magnetic switches and scrap metal – with a few found objects thrown in for luck. :) you can see some of the work: the Brickworks in Toronto has become an amazing site after it was cleaned up. It is the perfect venue for a Maker Faire:
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  1. Hello! thanks for asking..Its called REDRUM by UGRESS I quite like it .. especially since it is really perfect for the state of my workshop (“such a bloody mess…”

  2. could you please tell me what is the song and artist on this video?