Dave’s Marble Machine

Posted by on Jan 14, 2013 in Videos | 18 comments

Dave's Marble Machine

A wooden contraption constructed from various wood species using primarily a scroll saw, router, lathe and carving tools.
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  1. beautiful work… very exotic. marble machines are such a quandary – fascinating to watch, inherently useless, and everyone thinks they know how to make them better… those with the precision and skill to build them never want to let their creations go, despite having created a contraption with no apparent purpose other than to enthrall it’s viewer. perhaps i will get ahold of one someday, somehow… im much too intellectually lazy :) but, beauitful work – i love it!

  2. This I brill . Very clever

  3. Eww he’s puking out  marbles

  4. Done and done!

  5. You are a steely-eyed missile man. Great job! Is it finished or do you plan to keep it growing?

  6. wow..nice…parang naging mechanical ang kahoy.

  7. nice bicycle chain ;)

  8. Fantastic.

  9. Spittin’ marbles
    Shittin’ brix
    what’s next? Pissin’ corkscrews?

  10. amazing..and why was this in my recomended =/

  11. Wonderful craftsmanship!

  12. No Plans. Organically grown.

  13. Awsome machine, i like to build one, do you have plans for sale ?

  14. monty python has nothing one you!

  15. fuckin’ awesome

  16. Electric motor

  17. after seeing this I said … Cool … after looking at the spiral I was like : MUST … GET … ONE … it is awesome ! what power does it use ? electric or clockwork ?

  18. Superb! Whimsical, mysterious, but well engineered. Delightful!