Datamancer Steampunk on German TV

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 9 comments

This is a video that first appeared on the German 3Sat/ZDF network about the popular steampunk artist, Richard Nagy aka “Datamancer” of It shows a day in the life of Datamancer and follows him as he picks up some parts for his latest PC project, “The Clacker”. For a rough translation of the interview portions, please see the entry on Datamancer’s blog at

Hi everyone its Tyler Wilson This is a drawing i did for add and like her pages they are awesome, such a great crafts person and and artist as well as being such an inspiration to lots of people, hope you enjoy this speed painting i did for her! feel free to add me and check out more art work



  1. the is really awesome you are really talented!!

  2. Ok. Thanks!

  3. hey hope all is well, glad you like the drawing the program that i am using is Photoshop CS5, quiet an expensive program but you can get trial versions to try it out from adobes web site, if you need any other programs naming that will help you don’t hesitate to ask ^_^

  4. What program are you using? Love the drawing!

  5. @bvb1233199  Dr Steel – Back And Forth, glad you like the video!

  6. Kato :) ))

  7. not only a awesome drawing, but fun to watch!

  8. Thank you glad you like ^_^

  9. So cool! :D