Daft Punk – Too Long Live @ Bercy (High Quality)

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Daft Punk – Too Long Live @ Bercy (High Quality)

Daft Punk – Too Long Live @ Bercy (High Quality)
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  2. 5:18 i need a new pair of pants

  3. 3 it’s french like me it’s the real electronic music , plz come back !

  4. All i ever wanted to ask : How can you stand still for these music ?

  5. <3<3 **justmove

  6. 5:18 hahahaha hes tryin to hold the camera still!

  7. Nevermind, it’s the “Maximum Overdrive” video, not the original RR video.

  8. 5:18 its a completly sound orgasm Amazing

  9. When it gets to Steam machine in a whisper it gets me every single time.

  10. i know you need it HEY i need it to alri– BUFFERING BUFFERING ght its good for you

  11. i dont watch for the videos really. i mean the sycning of stage effects to the audio is just perfect but the real gem is the amazing sound quality. If any of you have Realtek Audio Manager on your computer turn the equalizer to powerful and the environment to concert and its almost like your there in Bercy.

    Tks Tekfunk

  13. Watch it again, there’s a third guy in there.

  14. uh what third member? there was only thomas and guy in that music video.

  15. At 6:18 the audience stands still because of the amazingness passing before their eyes.