Daft Punk – Aura Rock

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Daft Punk – Aura Rock

This was played as part of “Too long / Steam Machine” in the Alive 07 tours.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ok, everyone…. prepare your “Told ya so”s, and your “Told ya it wouldn’t work”s. Everyone who doesn’t have one of those…. SWEET! Thats for the vote of confidence. :-) So. Prepare for the Giant Robot to run itself into a pile of rubble. Oh ya, and you can still get t-shirts at “Jamius.com” (especially now that I’m catching up with orders, and stocking a bit of a supply). Thanks to everyone who has been supporting this and other projects. :-) Hmm…. I spose I still need to get some batteries, and radio controlled stuff. Or…. and there’s that whole motorized sterring thing. Oh, I’m just going to be happy tonight. ….and worry about that other stuff tomorrow. :-)



  1. Very high chance of them coming back next year.

  2. 2016 Europe, ELECTRONICA is coming ma peoples

  3. this is the best thing i’ve ever heard

  4. i’ve a serious problem with this song.

  5. Alive 2007

  6. Nah, they tend to shout SURPRISE!

  7. Alive 2007

  8. what album?

  9. best song of my fucking life .

  10. ha

  11. ? someone explain please?

  12. I’m sorry but I can’t help but to think: “sh”t rapists say”

  13. I know! So fucking g’eed

  14. Yeah qe buena rola!

  15. : D

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  17. Write repeat between youtube and .com and have fun!



  19. i think the lyrics are:
    “Dont move (if) you dont need, it Hey I need it too, its (not) alright if you dont need it, cuz its good for you.”

  20. They sound epic live!

  21. apparenly they are working on a new album as we speak!

  22. im with on that. went to a concert in europe that they hosted, one word. Spectacular.

  23. What’s up with those chains around his wrists? they look really cool but is there a specific practicality about them?

  24. What do you do for a living?

  25. this guy is like doc from back to the future

  26. “Adventure Builder’s Club” was the best kind of crack I ever smoked!

  27. This guy needs to be rich, people like this deserve to have money!

  28. This guy reminds me of one of those crazy scientists

  29. Cool robot. Wish i could build something near that XD

  30. The only way i want to see this is if they took this exact footage and left it untouched in every way.

  31. It was. …grocery stores throw them out. It was a beautiful sight…. but the building collapsed under a huge snow fall. AUGH! I got the metal back into decent shape, but the styrofoam is a mess.

  32. is your roof made of…. Styrofoam coolers????

  33. Seeing this was just as awesome as seeing theo jansens machines!

  34. Way to go. I admire engineers who make up new things, work by themselves, and make a finished product while cracking jokes. I design things too and it would be great to have about 30 guys like you to help build the enterprise air ship. Maybe I need to create a web site for it and invite optimistic engineers and trekkies to join in the creative workforce for a cool space ship/airship project. Keep on truckin’

  35. he has a much better show, it’s his youtube channel :)

  36. I had to pause it at 3:12, the suspense! Whatever happens (i’ll find out soon enough) BRAVO!

  37. I’m on the “Adventure Builder’s Club”. Good stuff. Helps focus the mind, and make you strong. Only catch is you have to do the work. ;-) 

  38. Whatever this guy is on.. I want some.. I would get so much done!!

  39. You’re crazy… in a good way :D