Creepy Spider Steampunk Art!!!

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 15 comments

Nothing like doggies farting allll daaayyyyy lonnggg. Lol! Please thumb up and be happy!!! Smile!!
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  1. @still7geo lol right?!

  2. So funny when women blame their farts on the dog.

  3. lolol I have to give Chris that look sometimes because there is nothing else I can do! hahaha

  4. @tidbits53678 lolol yeah. Well I’m gla we make you smile. Thank you!

  5. Lindsey’s look at 4:36 made me bust out laughing. You too together just make me so happy lol

  6. @darkone241 lol, I hope so! Thanks man. I’m ok though, there are plenty way cooler.

  7. I’m not, you are a cool guy Chris and I’m sure in some way she finds it a little funny when you do those things.

  8. @foodymcfeadawulv always is!

  9. @moofnation yay! Then we did our job!

  10.  haha that mustve been great

  11. This made me lolz. [: thank you.

  12. woooot haha ;) thanks

  13. hey!!!! quite over there. lol

  14. no you would never do that. lolol.

  15. yeah the braces did suck. happy for you that yours are coming off soon. i feel your pain. lol. the retainer gets annoying though.