Copper Cooktop Wood Stove Part 2 (Its awesome!)

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Copper Cooktop Wood Stove Part 2 (Its awesome!)

Copper Cooktop Wood Stove Part 2 (Its awesome!)

Woah! I’m so happy with the copper top! We’re making pancakes, and nachos (from raw corn tortillas. ….not crappy premade ones), and rice, sweet potatos, snausage! YUM! Gotta go!



  1. Can you temper it (even temporarily) like steel with water?

  2. copper plated pots are plated on the bottom to transfer the heat from the burner to the metal pot and onto the food. a pot filled with food will not allow the copper to get past boiling temp, the food “cools” the pot. In a wood stove the surface metal can climb to much higher temps, 500 – 900 degrees metal temp can be common. the hottest a wood fire can burn is about 1400 degrees. but that is at full combustion lots of oxygen. Nice job on the top, copper does get “soft” from heat however.

  3. Brilliant!! It’s great to see people operating with that skill level. We have been so dumbed down these days…

  4. BBQs come with stainless steel tops. very swish. i always laugh at the posh jobies that buy $1000 set ups and don’t get stainless tops.

    for even better performance on MK3 mr burns only use the copper for small sections that you put your potsnpans on. no point wasting all that expensive copper.

  5. When mixing copper and steel, maybe you should worry about galvanic corrosion (maybe you should not).
    Wow, looks like a lot of work. Good job!

  6. most of the pan/pot is steel with the copper only cladding the outside – thus the food never comes in contact with the copper

  7. Copper is a better thermal conductor then Iron because it a pure metal.When it is not being used it should be cooler  then the rest of the stove.

  8. You just earned yourself a new subscriber. Very cool stuff, keep it up!

  9. hey dude,cmon uve been feastin outenough on yo copper stove top,get ursel 2geter and start filmin and stuff,we worry about u

  10. so how come people don’t get poisoned by copper cookware?

  11. Ya, its working great!

  12. 1. Arsenic collection generally is done during other metal (copper, gold, lead) mining operations. Production of arsenic from Peru comes mostly from copper mines. China, production from gold mining.

    2. Correct. Insulating is the solution your plumber would use where ever having to connect copper to iron pipe. Not that it probably an issue with a short lived thin walled steel stove.

  13. A wood stove regularly can have surface temperatures over 400 degrees F. The interior stove temperatures can reach over 1,000 degrees F. If something like a chimney fire occurs, temperatures over 2,000 °F are possible.

    Melting point of copper =1984.32 °F.

    Sublimation point (ie: goes from solid directly to a gas) of arsenic= 1139 °F

  14. response was that directed at me???

  15. Is the stove working good?

  16. thanks for finally answering my question about why you bought the mylar :P

  17. Does your next message indicate that you had no clue what you were talking about when you said it was adventageous for people to buy crap that breaks?  :-P

  18. I have seen wood burning stove (commercially made) like yours with copper tops, but since these stoves are often used to heat the houses or cottages as well the thickness required so the copper stovetops don’t warp makes them equally as expensive.