Coloring – Steampunk Girl (Part 2)

Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Videos | 15 comments

The second part of the video ^^ Don’t forget to check for the last one ! Done with Tombow brush pen and Deleter white ink Song : Anton Barbeau – Bout the Raino —- For more drawings, please visit my websites and blog ! http
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  1. I use Tombow brush pens, they are waterbased markers ^^

  2. What mark of marker did u use?

  3. Thanks ^^ it’s realy slow yes :( Now it’s better because I know how to speed up with my new software lol

  4. the arm looks a little funny and the video is a little slow but everything else is kool :3

  5. You’re welcome ^^ I have some troubles finding the right skin tone shades with Tombow, that’s why I use copics for the skin now (and Tria, you’ll see on my new video next week ^^)

  6. Wow! Thank you for replying, Your technique and color choice for the skin is really nice. I have a set of tombow too and I just cant seem to find the right colors for skin tone. Thank you for sharing your technique for coloring!

  7. :D thank you very very much! :)

  8. And for my birthday, or Christmas, I always asked for 4 or 5 markers, so I had 2 then 5 then 8 blue markers, aso… It took me something like 5 years to have them all x__x (like Pokemons XD)

  9. Don’t worry to ask me questions ! I’m happy if I can help a little. I choose first some skin tone colours, then 2 of each shade : a light and a dark blue, the same for green or red… I picked the colours I love the most : my 2 favs blue and red and green… (BTW I don’t remember what were my first colours XD) With a light and a dark colour, you can use a brush and water (OR the blending pen) to blend colour together, so you can work on light and shadow ^^

  10. hi its me again i was wondering what colors you started with because there are so many colors i want to get first hand but hardly any money can you please help me again sorry

  11. I’m happy if I can help ^^

  12. thank you very much! :) and your opinion helped 100%

  13. I definitely prefer Tombow, they are easy to blend for me (I was used to watercolours so it’s almost the same thing for me) Copics are great, but my paper don’t work really well with them… I used some copics, but I really prefer my Tombow ♥ I have a couple one of copics for skin tones, because the colours are better than the Tombow. Tombow are a little cheaper too. I don’t know if my opinion is the best, it’s just what I like about copics and tombow ^^

  14. your art is amazing! :) i was actually thinking about getting Tombow markers but i wasn’t sure if they were better or worse than copics… do you think you can give me your opinion on which ones will be greater to get?

  15. I don’t exactly remember but I think it was (in order) : 800, 942, 772, a bit of 850 and blending with 800 maybe. I use 703 on a q-tip (is that the right word..?) for blush. It’s lighter in camera than on real life BTW, I’m not really pleased (I never find skin shades that I like lol)