Closer View on Steampunk

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Article by Steve

Closer View on Steampunk – Shopping – Clothing

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Steampunk is the amalgamation of various features including alternate history, science fiction and fantasy. The alternate history of Victorian era characterized by setting of steam power and Wild West time frame of United States are the two main locations in which most punk literary works are based. We can witness the involvement of punk aspect in street fashion, movies, books and subcultures. Although the main inspirational source for this subgenre remained Victorian era but now slowly and gradually the Goth elements are also influencing the way we see punk culture. Most Victorian ideologies are taken over by supernatural and gothic horror.

If we take the example of clothing we can clearly find out the assertion of Goth fashion over steampunk. In earlier decades mostly steampunk dresses were inspired from vintage Victorian clothing in style and twist and turns with the touch of modern essence however as the influence of Goth increased more and more punk outfits are manufactured in accordance with Gothic clothing. For instance the same use of dark (jet dark) colors and voluptuous patterns can be seen in punk apparels.

The change in the punk tenet can be treated as shift from basic ideology of steampunk and some nostalgic people may find it against the work of punk literary however others are fascinated by the change and welcoming it. They find it a new indigenous way of preserving Victorian aesthetics with the assistance of visual and thematic feast of Goth. However this inspiration is taxing the true nature of steampunk. Goth and punk culture both are set in the background of ruined and decayed society but former supports the horror and unchecked and uncontrolled science which can lead to dreadful consequences while later backs action, adventure and negative romantic aspect of science, technology and monsters.

Every day people are familiarizing themselves with the new technology. They want to know ‘how to utilize these innovative and potentially destructive tools of science. Punks use the same evaluation to counter react in similar situation.

The nineteenth century punk artiest were touched by the industrial revolution, the growth of industry and science left them amazed. They were moved by the fear that advancing technology can lead to mass destruction, a potential threat to humanity. Some intellectuals turned all those fears, views and positive aspects into novels and literatures exaggerated by science fiction ideas, they gave it a term famously known as steampunk. Modern day people find these literary works fascinating as well as terrifying because in reality the nuclear science, nanotechnology, stem cell research and other inventions are increasing the chances of coming face to face of futuristic space of undeveloped world if one the destruction would happen.

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Available from many online stores, one could be spoilt for choices when it comes to victorian clothing inspired steampunk dress.

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