City of Heroes Steampunk Pack Trailer

Posted by on Jun 23, 2012 in Videos | 14 comments

Journey to the center of adventure with the new City of Heroes® Steampunk Pack.
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  1. I’ve been playing this game for 4 years now, and it still never gets old.

  2. Perma-hasten has been attainable for some time, though not easily the way it was before ED. As for 12 fire imps… yea that would be cool.

  3. This, makes me want to play City of Heroes

  4. New face options. *ahem*(Queen’s English)” Quite smashing, actually, old bean!”

  5. I’m not seeing it, what is the beautification tonic doing?

  6. now we just need to splice up and a city under the sea to be complete ^^

  7. Win for that comment. Of course, it’s /all/ a Nemesis Plot….

  8. Reminds me of Bioshock kinda

  9. CoX runs on both Intel iMacs and PCs. I run it on my two-year-old iMac and it works great.

  10. Pikabko1 reminds me of someone who was whining in Atlas Park that the rich people need to pay more taxes so he can buy a better computer to play the updated graphics on the game and the developers where being “unfair”. Lol.

    Hey I am in the same boat! I want to come back to the game but I don’t have a computer anymore. Maybe all you guys can work your tails off and buy me one? ;)

    Kidding aside which version is better for this game? Mac or PC or does it even matter?

  11. :36 ROFL!


  13. The office in the USA the service stinks. one time I had a phone call from the USA corp office and that corp manager was so rude on the phone. I will never do that to any customer in my line of work. I am fucking the account ASAP

  14. I had all kinds of rude people sending me messsages in my tech support accounht that startined this bull shit Its notworth the time and money any more I simply fuck the NC soft account ASAP