Chronicles of the New West – Steampunk Serial Trailer

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COMING SOON! My next fictional work will be a series of short novels in a post-apocalyptic fantasy steampunk setting called “Chronicles of the New West.” Get all the latest news and links to download at Picture if you will a world not unlike our own, after an unknown Apocalypse. Relics of the old world remain, but steam and steel have replaced computers and internal combustion. Magic has returned to the world. It’s a time when men are men, women are women, and elves are elves. In the aftermath, a new society of city-states has arisen. Two Orders hold them together the Courtesans, companions to the wealthy and powerful, assassins and spies; and the Gunslingers, holy warriors sworn to protect the innocent, killing so that others won’t have to. They believe they are the reincarnations of the Gunslingers of old, reborn again and again to serve their penance, taking the weight of sin on their own souls so that others are free to Transcend. The series follows the adventures of young half-elven Gunslingers Graeme and Piper Walsh and Chik-cha the Mantis; Courtesan Esme de Winter; tormented Gladiator and former slave Joshua Anders; Gnomish Engineer Wesson Smith; half-gnome and half-elf Mage Dani St. Vincent; and sleazy Alchemist and snake-oil salesman Reginald Woodhouse. These youths have a great destiny before them. All the signs suggest that Graeme is the reincarnation of Graeme Paramander, founder of the Gunslinger Order, and his companions are part
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  1. Okay, I very well might! Thank you for the suggestion!

  2. You should get yourself over to “” there is a whole community of film animators looking for stories / projects. Nice bunch as well.

  3. You’re quite right in that it is a hodgepodge of other’s works. The genre is called “Machinima.” You put old videos together in a new way to tell a different story. I’m not a video editor; I’m a writer. I’m just hoping to drum up some interest in my books. If I were that good at editing video, I would be a director. :) If you feel inspired to come up with totally original animation, I wish you the best of luck and compliment your skill and determination.