Catacomb Snatch Gameplay (Final build)

Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Videos | 13 comments

Catacomb snatch was a game made in 60 hours during the HumbleBundleMojam and created by the mojang team. The team opened a vote to the community on the game’s genre and theme, the winner of the genre was a real-time-strategy and shoot-em-up while the theme of the game was steam punk and Egyptian. The aim of the game is to gather the center resource through the use of trains, all the while fending off bats, snakes, mummies and an enemy player breaking your things. This game is primarily made for a 1 v 1 environment however this video only shows a single player game. Controls: Press R or X to lay or remove rails. Press E or Z to buy or sell items While standing on first two tracks press R to spawn a cart. Arrows or WSAD to move. Shift or Space to shoot. To increase coin grab range release Space.
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  1. Not true. As stated by Mojang, that is a bug in the game. The points are given to the wrong player.

  2. pretty sure its meant to be this way, sending carts to the enemy is far to easily stopped (in multilayer).

  3. you lose… you have to put balls to enemy base…

  4. haha the counter is broken, it adds score to the wrong player

  5. that game doesn’t even seem to have a purpose, no high-scores, no campaign.

  6. It’s not even done :

  7. It’s a bit too simple, but it’s fun. Especially when there are multiple trains shooting at you.

  8. :D 

  9. This game is amazing, unlike Wolfire’s one which is horrible.

  10. thanks really much! :)

  11. Controls:

    [space]/Shift/Ctrl/Alt/C = Fire

    Z/E = buy, pickup and place

    X/R = place track (10g to place 15g to remove)

    WASD/Arrows/Numpad = move

  12. How do you pick up items?

  13. Your amazing at this game