Castle S03E04 – Steampunk

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There’s someone cool in the writing department of clever cop show Castle … but is there really a steampunk club in NYC? [Disclaimer: This clip is for edification purposes only and in no way is intended to impinge on the rights of whomever's rights might be impinged upon if they were so impinged *ouch*]
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For our last New Years Eve at the Edison I wanted some cool new pants. So i went to Target, bought a pair of canvas pants, and then did this. They have survived many washings already, and are just find (it is patio furniture paint!) and they don’t smell any more like “paint” then any freshly printed garment. – Captain Robert Abney Park
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  1. of curse not! it’s “le voyage dans la lune” of georges melies! (the journey to the moon)

  2. This so nearly convinced me to watch Castle

  3. name of the song???

  4. I knew it :p yay for us

  5. Oh my goodnplenty, that is absolutely wonderful!

  6. Do you know what season and episode this is??? This is one of the few that I haven’t seen…

  7. I love that you know that lol

  8. I wonder if there are any local clubs like that. Hmmmm…..

  9. @animagigirl Nope, I noticed that too. In fact, I made my mom rewind and pause it on that screen while I explained to her why I was freaking out (fact: it’s because it was so awesome.)

  10. Awww, they took my idea! lol

  11. is it a bad thing to know that the movie they were play ing wasw the 1st scifi movie ever?

  12. the zeppelin was there in plain sight.
    i love steampunk but cons and societies creep me out.

  13. “I think he’s going for the Time machine!” lol!

  14. I’ve talked to lots of fellow steampunk friends and very few notice the zeppelin in the sky at 0:05. Spread the word

  15. someone cool indeed :) a lovely mind me thinks

  16. This is so amazing and yet so simple! thanks!

  17. I made these for DragonCon 2011. I also made an elaborate backpack. I was amazed how many compliments I got on the pants! My thrift store and rustolium pants are a hit and the cheapest part of my costume. Thanks Robert!

  18. definitely making these as soon as I possibly can

  19. Seconding what mherron2004 just said. I tried this and ruined a pair of pants (fortunately not one I cared much about): There was a lot of bleedthrough. I also suggest spraying on lightly, then adding a second coat after it dries if desired. You might also want to put wax paper inside the pants before spraying as well, to prevent paint bleeding through to the other side if you spray it on too heavily.

    Btw for thinner lines, masking tape might work just as well, though I haven’t tried it.

  20. Just be careful of bleed if you’re wanting crisp lines. My advice would be to spray lightly then let dry, and repeat as needed. Less of an issue with the paint as it’s thick enough to do very little bleeding under the tape.

  21. u prbly coulda cut the painters tape in half or thinner.

  22. wow thanks thats a great idea!! 

  23. Try going the other way. Take black pants, tape them off and spray water/bleach on them to the desired color.

  24. Are these machine washable?

  25. Now for that sweet coat you wrere wearing.

  26. I feel dumb. How easy was that?

  27. “This is your cap’n speaking…”

  28. thats bad fo your skin, how about black dye mixed with water in a sprits bottle? better for skin

  29. what kind of material are the pants? jeans?