Calling Nail Nerds and Geeks – QR Code Nail Art !! epic!

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  1. LOL!!! 

  2. someone playing angry birds in the backrownd?

  3. Those are fun!

  4. Thanks Robin for the tip :)

  5. never! i can never be finished! when i think i am, i will know i have failed as an artist!!!! :D :D:D:

  6. @robinmosesnailart OMG thanks! You’ve done pretty much everything, haven’t you?

  7. they are hard until you wet them to begin the next job. thats how you want it…when you begin your next day design….you start with a hard clean it in acetone before you begin and then it should be soft and ready for the next day :D

  8. google robin moses mouse and robin moses mustache nails. unconventional mustache maybe but…………..there are tons of mustache nails online :D xoxo

  9. Can you do a tutorial on really cute mouse nails or mustache nails :{)

  10. Aw thank you for your time it is gladly appreciated will do Robin will not buy expensive brushes lol will record that in my head haha! ……..have a blessed evening :)

  11. oh, y ou are so welcome, you caught me at the perfect time!!!! please get a good length..short is not good….i show the length with a pindrive..bring one with you. just go cheap and buy a few you think you can cut and test different softnesses and you will find which works best FOR YOU..”for you” is key…your favorite brush may not mine. i now lots of kinds of brushes work and can be made to work and you dont have to buy into the lies that expensive is better.

  12. Thanks for your quick response, come to think of it I did buy these soft brushes @ Michaels I will check out your FAQ playlist thanks again xoxo

  13. you very well might have too thick of bristles in that brush and they arent ‘laying down’ properly. go to walmart or a cheap art store like michaels and do not spend a lot..but cut your brushes from my video in the FAQ playlist……….if you dont know the texture of a good brush it is hard to write it and make should be a little bendy but not super bendy but not stiff either….(watch all my brush videos in the faq list) go brush shop and pick cheap ones and try a different brush! xo

  14. Hi Robin, I have fallowed your steps regards to maintain brushes clean and in top shape but I have noticed that they still maintain hard. I wonder what I am doing wrong. The bristles are stiff.