C-Lekktor – Silence Remains

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C-Lekktor – Silence Remains

The symbiosis of cyberpunk, steampunk, experimental and, of course, psychodelic pictures, combined with atmospheric melody. I hope, the result of work has made progress. Thanks to mexican band for new album!
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  1. great

  2. 2 Biebers, dont like this amazing song ¡¡¡

  3. Mexico!

  4. i love dancing to this song

  5. such an amazing song, the sound of the woman crying matches the lyrics so well.

  6. The Silence Procession :)

  7. just to masturbate your mind more…luv it! lol


  9. Anyone know what album this is on?

  10. You know what I’m proud of… the fact that my mum got me into this shit <3 xD

  11. Psyclon Nine already achieved that one, you’re too late on that one

  12. chingoneria

  13. where;can i download C-Lekktor albums for free? :)
    i cant find any.D:

  14. I recognized the image at 1:17. It’s called Salvation I by Seth Siro Anton. He is the artist who worked on Septicflesh’s last album.

  15. excelente video!! una pregunta, donde conseguiste esas imagenes tan buenas??, me gustaron sobre todo la del tipo con la pistola en la boca y la del maniqui con letras griegas en la cabeza, te lo agradeceria, ya q estoy haciendo un compilado de electro-dark. buen gusto, saludos

  16. to open your heart a little bit more. You know that you can open it to me, I promised you once never ever to hurt you and never to leave you. I am still there. But I also need something to save myself from pain, sorrow and the feelings somethings left in me. I hope we can cope this storm, we can stand this difficult time. But it´s on you now. I´m still here. I won´t leave as long as you want me to stay. But there is one thing you really need to do. Trust me. That´s all. (For a friend)

  17. Silence is just as long there as you chose the silence. In my brain dances a lot of thoughts also, and I need to find a way to cope them too. Somehow we lost the ability to talk to each other open and honestly, to many other people meddled, some gave me the feeling I am completely the wrong person for you, tried to pull me away from you. I am just confused but hell, I´ve missed you and I still do. I know you´re fragile deep inside. But I´m fragile too. You ARE worth to have friends. But you need

  18. If you like the black metal fusion with industrial go listen to Aborym.

  19. You want double bass drums… try this: watch?v=HdBE6i2n4lY

  20. Electro-dark. ^_^