Burning Man 2011: Steampunk Octopus

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Burning Man 2011: Steampunk Octopus – El Pulpo Mechanico
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  2. All hail El Pulpo Mechanico!

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  5. I saw this amazing art car out on the playa at night and it was over the top.. I also saw it in the daylight and it was a lustrous silver sculpture with a beautiful seahorse o the front of it. The people running it were camped down from my camp and they were really awesome. The amount of time, money, effort, car and love that goes into the creation, maintenance and driving an art cart like this around the playa for other people to enjoy is truly a labor of love.

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  7. Fire will scare the aliens, yes……

  8. That’s why the ET’s not visiting us!! 

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  10. Die hippies :D

  11. puyt youtube back the way it was!

  12. fucking amazing, thank you !

  13. Somewhere, Michael Bay is having a brain embolism right now…

  14. Now, that was fucking cool.

  15. I can’t +1 your comment enough. I’d like to go someday.

  16. me too!!!

  17. i love steam punk.

  18. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!….Oh wait….