BURLESQUE STEAMPUNK CORSET DESIGN: robin moses nail art tutorial

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(found in the hot nail playlist) here is a cute corset design. really cute and fun. please help me by passing this to everyone andplease say: inspired by robin moses so other girls can find me! my love and thanks! (do you have questions?!?— ALL OF MY MOST ASKED QUESTIONS ARE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT @ ROBINMOSES.COM. there are also 7 videos in my favorites section that teach you TONS of stuff to get started, please watch those and your questions will probably be answered. if anyone sees someone asking, can you please direct them for me so i can use my time to ask questions i havent answered!!! :) FIND ME IN THESE PLACES: robinmosesnailart.blogspot.com (FOR GOOD PICTURES) twitter.com (FOR UPDATES ON TUTORIALS) facebook fanpage: robinmosesnailart(FANPAGE) (TO SHOW ME WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED FROM MY TUTORIALS) nailartgallery.nailsmag.com (FAN ME HERE TO SUPPORT MY ART AND GOALS) it helps girls who want to learn find me!
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  1. Big OK to you!!! lol…

  2. ahahah thank you!!!!!!

  3. thank you!

  4. emergency :)

  5. the doctor is an aquired taste…..there is something about her that just cracks me up though…thats for sure. :) she has NO shame in her game at all!

  6. hahahah thank you so much!!!

  7. dreya!!! thank you so much for all of your comments and for trying my art! it makes me so happy that they are getting used and are loved :) *huge hug*

  8. Love it will try this one next


  10. I love your nail art!!! I do have to say that the Dr’s banter does get on my nerves though.

  11. Ok! Lol. What kind if dr is the Dr anyways?

  12. OK lol that is so so cute!!! :) love all ur nail art.

  13. Your quirks and “okays” are what makes you & your videos endearing..that and your totally rockin’ nail art…okay? lol

  14. haha! thank you so much linda!!!

  15. Sexy!!

  16. exactly…….i am so so so glad you caught that!!!!!!! i am so distracted all the time, the ‘okays’ take me back to task….LOLOL

  17. exactly…….i am so so so glad you caught that!!!!!!! i am so distracted all the time, the ‘okay’ takes me back to task….LOLOL

  18. I believe you didn’t remember the fishnets because there were not enough ‘Okay’s at the start. In fact, you should say okay more so that you do not forget these things….

    Also the doctor always makes me laugh.

  19.  :D :D:D thank you cakeo!

  20. okay…..LOLOL

  21. jae!!!!! its so nice to see you! *huge hug* i am glad you her!!! she is saucy!

  22. LOL!