Building the Electric Spinning Wheel

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…. If your flyer ain’t turning you ain’t spinning, foot power, I think not, plug-er in, gettin’-er done here on the east coast of Arkansas, it’s the butterfly effect, you need a new handmade sweater but you have no yarn, what to do?, build a spinning wheel, don’t wait on a summer cloud to come along, this is not “kinetic art” it’s a real live working model, shopmade, no blueprint, a little on the open clockwork steampunk design, put your bobbin on-er and twist up a big ball or two, red, white, blue, it’s gonna be a rainbow, from beginning to end, a navajo blanket, southern blues on the radio, good just got better, the story, what story?, the show goes on. act three, blood, sweat & tears not needed, just sit down and enjoy, no need for high speed, medium will get-er done, even slow, we talking slow here, on a good day that is all that is required, dream on,, Aaa, one, two, three, stop!, free mind movie, back to the show, forward and reverse, hit replay, a different way to do the same thing, only in metal, weld-er up, we talking brazing now, yes flux coated, the transformer is 115 vac stepdown to 24 vac, will use a 4 diode full wave bridge rectifier to change voltage to dc, with a lm317 variable resistor speed control, the machine will have a scotch tension brake band system for the bobbin,, wool from your backyard sheep, horse hair, home grown cotton, use it all, remember you saw it here first, get back dog! get back! ponder this and leave a comment, subscribe, pass it on,,,
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  1. Yep, you’re a genius! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I showed my boyfriend, and he’s wondering if he could drive both the bobbin and flywheel from the motor with a bicycle gear system, bypassing the need for a brake-clutch on the bobbin. I don’t get it, but maybe you do? Thankfully, we have a couple old fan motors at 115V, so if either works, I’ll get my man to welding! Oh, and what’s a speed control, and why can’t you use a dimmer switch?

  2. Wooden Delta flyer design would be just the ticket for an easier build on that part? You wouldn’t need to drill an orifice into any metal rods.

  3. You are so creative, and I love it!
    But why DC?

  4. You are so creative, and I love it!

  5. Interesting! Did you ever get it finished? I’d think you’d need to angle the orifice hole on the back side of the pulley though, rather than drilling straight down.

  6. You are a craftsman! Thank you for showing that with enough thought process, anything can be made! You are a treasure!

  7. Makes me jealous and wondering if you would ever make the basic setup to sell….

  8. love your videos sam, very good job

  9. MXA033 PWM DC Motor Speed Controller
     This little PWM from Bakatronics for 20 bucks will give you more than enough speed control it is for 12volts and 24 volts and 15 amp continuous duty. Good Stuff love all your Videos. Cheers Spodie Odie

  10. I am speechless, that is the sweetest looking little spinner~!
    you are working out all the ugly, badly designed, silly beasts I’ve seen
    there are a few out there that are nice but as I don’t have around $950.00 for a HansensCrafts type (that only comes with one bobbin, they are $59.00) I keep looking. Being able to spin curly wool …”tailspinning” is the best! you wind up with “art yarn” that you first dyed yourself, they spin into something wonderful
    ! gurl in Seattle aka ~JaZz~

  11. You must not be that old; you’re proficient at editing video. I subscribed and probably will watch every video a couple of times. Good work

  12. use a dashboard light dimmer on the DC side

  13. You can either use a variac connected to the primary of the 24vac transformer to control the output voltage on the secondary side, or you can use a variable voltage regulator controlled by a pot straight off that filter capacitor ya left on the board. Not sure of the current requirements for your motor, but regulators like the LM317 (available at radio shack) are 1.5A without the use of bypass transistors. That would be the cheapest and my preferred method. They are only about 2 bucks.

  14. I would put the speed control on the DC side, the ac components may not like operating on less voltage, but thats just my opinion. Nice looking machine your making there. Dan

  15. You will need AC rheostat, DC voltage will tend to run warm and may shorten life of the motor. A variable resister should work also nice job of welding looks good…

  16. good engineering more please

  17. sweet brazing job!!!

  18. I believe id use a reostat or some sort of variable resistor or maybe the pedal off a sewing machine yep think so.