Building a steampunk gatling gun

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Building a steampunk gatling gun

In this behind-the-scenes video we show how the gatling gun from Arms Race was designed and built! You can see the short film here:
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  1. personally i would have painted the trigger

  2. Nice.

  3. you really dont want to use paint..wahahha

  4. oh ok that makes sense :)

  5. I wanted it to be heavy, so that the actors using it can react to the weight better.

  6. Ah that makes sense as a solution. Did you find it a bit heavy to carry overall?
    Or was that a non-issue?

  7. cheers mate, nice one, i know what ill be looking out for at my next car booty :)

  8. I get most of the brass work from Car Boot sales in the UK. I tend to buy the cheaper tarnished brass pieces and then clean them up myself with metal polish. You can find similar pieces in Antique stores but it will cost more. Ebay is also a good place to look.

  9. The rotating copper tubing used in the barrels did eventually cause the central rod to warp after a while, resulting in some wobble of the barrels. But I solved the problem by using a larger diameter central rod.

  10. Where do you suggest i find miscellaneous brass piping / metal so i can make stuff like this? antique stores?

  11. Thank you!

  12. he seems like a troll… or jealous.
    Honestly, the only waste in time is hating on peoples creativity. And really…isn’t that up to the person creating , to judge that? lol

    Kudos to your work! Waste of time, it is not!

  13. I like how you made this so that the drill is reusable/removable and not fused with the prop in any way.
    I was surprised that the copper tubing didn’t weigh it all down too much. Looks like a very smooth movement ..loved the film btw…all your stuff is awesome!

  14. Cool. Very creative