Build your own steampunk rifle

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in Videos | 6 comments

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  1. I think it was 2 inches thick, by 4 inches deep (unfortunatly i’m not in a position to measure it to check at the moment). The easiest way to gauge it is just to pick up a piece and feel if it is the right thickness to make a comfortable stock. Just remember that if you get somthing that is too thick that it will take more time to plane/sand down to the thickness you require.

  2. what are the sizes of the wood you used?

  3. Very cool and creative.

  4. Mounted machine gun maybe? Waiting eagerly for series!

  5. I drew the shape of the trigger mechanism onto the wood, then drilled a few holes inside the lines to the depth that I wanted to sink the trigger to. Finally I cleaned up the drilled holes using a wood chisel.

  6. how do you cut out the hole for trigger? with a driller or something?