Bug; Mk. III (Steampunk computer mouse)

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Photos here: www.flickr.com This was a commissioned piece, built for the fine artist known as John John Jesse.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a short video talking about everything that makes Abney Park a Steampunk band. You can get Abney Park CD’s at www.abneypark.com



  1. Please dear God SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY :3

  2. take…my…monehs…nao!

  3. now to learn how to make it…

  4. Nice looking


  6. O_o dude +props

  7. awesome steampunk mouse I want one!!

  8. I want one…

  9. very good work.

  10. next you should make it blow out seam

  11. do u know were i can buy that!!!

  12. Very cool!

  13. that is the most beautiful mouse I’ve ever seen!

  14. great work man. how do you get the shapes you want? working on a comp case completely from wood, just the ATX motherboard hold will be aluminum.

  15. how do you sell these for?

  16. a steampunk WoW mouse wit the micro buttons now that will look so gangsta

  17. That is badass.

  18. You, sir, are a genius. A gentleman and a scholar.

  19. That is a very lovely piece of hardware Sir. It is so unfortunate that the link you so kindly provided below is no longer active. One would request, ever so politely, that were it possible, you post the other mouses ( mice? ) in your collection of work, since your employers do not seem to be posting them. Very Kindest Regards.

  20. How does one go about comissioning to have one of these made? I have a mouse in mind I would like to use as a base.

  21. this is beautiful. I have thought about doing a steampunk keyboard but actually having it as mechanical to type on as a typewriter, ie you really need to push the keys down, unfortunately my electronics skills are weak..

  22. how can i get one with a blue theme maybe?

  23. Wow, all your projects looks just great. Keep up the good work, and post more clips of it ^^

  24. Who was the one who didnt like this video of this wicked cool mouse ??
    ^^ Very nice dude , i like the winde up key very original

  25. this is just epic…
    how much do you actully sell these for?

  26. same here i am stuck in a crossbreed between cyber and steampunk yet i dont own any cloths to shwo it to the world

  27. wait, DR steel counts as steampunk?

  28. Thats how I’ve been feeling :P 

  29. Nurse Gen at 1:40!!!

  30. abney park is without a doubt the best band in exsistence. STEAMPUNK FOR LIFE!!!!!

  31. go to a convention and hold a sign that ses teach me to be one of you, It works me and a friend did it and weve made a lot of friends.

  32. I work at a bronze sculpture foundry and when i discovered this band it was like a light turning on in my head. steampunk is the way to go

  33. OMG I love this band just found them.. I’m going totally steampunk this fall/winter the clothing, the makeup..so cool… give a listen to them very good..ok steam punk what the hell well watch the video and u will know

  34. I just discovered you guys. Cant wait to see you at Dragoncon this year!

  35. I loved steampunk before i even knew what it was! Abney Park changed my life forever with just one song.

  36. My favorite thing about Steampunk is the people that are attracted to it! The people at the forefront – and therefore the people that are following them in the movement – are all very intelligent! And they don’t take themselves too seriously while not being slapstick and goofy.

  37. The narrator’s voice is captivating o.o

  38. to quote a very famous book in an incorrect fashion “We are many.”

    Go to facebook and type in airship in the search engine. youll find the main profile/group/whatever that for many airships (Which is basically a group of steampunks if you dont know) and there locations.

    Beware the posers though. As fashion rises in the scene. So do the many preppy jerks that want in on something deemed cool.

    They stole the dark/goth look when twilight came around. And more mount every day.

  39. I think every true steampunk has been steampunk all their life, before even learning of the term. That’s how it happened with me, and apparently that’s how it happened with Abney Park too! I grew up liking movies like Castle in the Sky, and Games like Final Fantasy 6 and 9… Then as a teenager I found it had a name and a cult following, and I quickly became what l am today lol.

  40. this is amazing, i’m gonna have to go buy one of your CD’s! I’m really into steampunk but had no idea there was a steampunk musical genre. now I’m so excited.

  41. You guys are my favorite Steampunk band. Great stuff!

  42. I really like your music and it showed me that steampunk is a whole new style I never knew of, not just with music either.

  43. yes, steampunk can be black and copper, give it a Victorian post apocalyptic flare and you’ve got it.