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Episode 55- LBP2: Steampunk: Sunset City by Calyst_aayla. This video features an in-game commentary and review the single or multi-player artistic platform level inspired by: nature and steam punk. This level features challenging game-play for gamers who enjoy both art and a platforming challenge. The level is reviewed in depth by: Puppet Hound Z on the quality of the game-play, design, art, features, and creativity. This video also includes interview feedback directly from Calyst_aayla herself as to how this level was created and other behind the scenes things. Check out the Interview with Calyst_aayla here: Check out Calyst_aayla’s Community levels on LBP2 website here: Calyst_Aayla’s YouTube Channel: See at interview with Calyst_Aayla via Skype! on her new game series on LBP2: Official Little Big Planet Website: Episode 53: Puppet Hound Z Show- Z’s Favorite Community Levels in Little Big Planet 2- Spotlighting Steam Punk: Sunset City by: Calyst_aayla. Try this community game levelout and leave a comment below if you like it, or if you feel it sucks. The YouTube Gaming community needs to know whether this game will stand the test of time or is just another gaming gimmick. Also go check out this level on LBP for real and give him a heart if you like it. There is no sense in just watching it here, play it on your PS3! -Please subscribe if you enjoyed this video. Z has a new episode Tuesday of
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  1. Muito legal se estivesse a venda eu compraria.

  2. great job!!!

  3. mhhh i guess some “louis XV”-styled hands would look better, but thats just my opinion ^^ nice work =)

  4. My word! If I had a machine shop in my lair, I’d totally build one of these myself. :-D

  5. oh yea indeed

  6. Thank you. You’re one of the few viewers that have given really good comments.

  7. Part:02 ‘(`o ^ ) v.. ^ ^ Which gives more light within shadow. The obstacles she layout in this level, is brilliant. It makes the player pay attention to the surrounding metal works, as well as glancing upon it’s beauty at the same time. Thank you for giving us updates on new talent, & new game variety to look into. Zhx Thank you for bringing these Diamonds in the rough. Later~ Snow

  8. Part:01 ‘(`o ^ ) v.. Zhx, This is a unique find, for a LBP theme level.Steampunk: Sunset City does live up to it’s name. I admire the structure that Calyst_aayla has created. A tranquil shadowed world, blended with Indust & nature together. (It does remind me of Limbo, but this has more of a soft gold hue to it)

  9. More than that. LOL.

  10. dude minecon is like 80 bucks! D:<

  11. No problem. It’s a pleasure to be able to feature such creative people and interview them. You’re level is awesome and people need to play it or they are missing out on so much in Little Big Planet 2.

  12. Thanks for interviewing me ^_^!!!

  13. I know right! And she has like no plays on the level, and it’s been out for months.

  14. Check the details bar for the interview.

  15. Satnav Island. I’ll be uploading the full length interview in the details bar in a bit.